2010-11 Totally Certified Basketball: The Highly Anticipated Debut of Panini HRX

Panini America's newest basketball product -- 2010-11 Totally Certified -- was virtually guaranteed to command collector attention based on its captivating core content and unparalleled parallel structure. But the recent announcement that the company will also be adding its pioneering Panini HRX video trading cards to the late-June release simply ensures that the product will make headlines all over the world, too.

Panini America’s newest basketball product — 2010-11 Totally Certified — was guaranteed to command collector attention based on its captivating core content and unparalleled parallel structure.

But the recent announcement that the company will also be adding its pioneering Panini HRX video trading cards to the late-June release simply ensures that the product will make headlines all over the world, too.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Panini America revealed preliminary details on 2010-11 Totally Certified, which will include 204 Panini HRX video trading cards — 51 each featuring the company’s four exclusive NBA spokesmen: Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant and John Wall.

Each superstar will appear on 40 base Panini HRX video trading cards, 10 Autographed versions and one Gold Autographed version (made with authentic 14-karat gold). For more, check out the following 15-second video and one of the most monumental introductions in trading card history.

To be sure, the history-making debut of Panini HRX injects Totally Certified with an unprecedented level of signficance and broadens its appeal to countless new sports fans. But make no mistake: The product will still deliver the collectible nuts and bolts that hardcore collectors have come to expect from Panini America.

Each five-card pack carries a $20 SRP and each six-pack box will deliver 30 cards, among them six autograph or memorabilia cards (including at least two autographs numbered to 599 or less), two Mirror Red parallels numbered to 499 and four additional inserts numbered to 499 or less.

Other Totally Certified highlights include:

  • A 185-card base set with 35 Rookie Cards numbered to 599
  • Five serial numbered parallel sets, featuring short-printed Totally Gold (numbered to 25), Totally Green (numbered to 5) and Totally Black (numbered to 1)
  • On-card signatures for every Rookie Card
  • More than 525 one-of-one cards
  • Totally Red Autographs (numbered to 99), Totally Gold Autographs (numbered to 25), Totally Green Autographs (numbered to 5) and Totally Black Autographs (numbered to 1)
  • A case-hit roster that includes either a) an autograph from Bryant, Griffin, Durant or Wall, b) a 1/1 card or c) an autograph numbered to 5 or less

You can find additional details on the history-making Panini HRX here, here and here. Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for all the latest updates on 2010-11 Totally Certified and Panini HRX.


31 Replies to “2010-11 Totally Certified Basketball: The Highly Anticipated Debut of Panini HRX”

  1. Nice! Was waiting for info to come out on this stuff!
    Does there happen to be a preliminary checklist anywhere?? I noticed that you guys used to supply a checklist along with the sellsheet info last season, but it seems this year you guys aren’t doing that??

  2. YAY! price of a blaster box but hobby and 1 hit per pack! im buying this product this year! last year’s certified was a risk because it was 4 hits per box 10 packs…

  3. They should have waited on the Video Card until they can make it thinner, WAY TO THICK. if it doesn’t feel like a card….it’s not a card. and please stop with all the parallels 🙁
    i know i sound negative but over all Panini has an awesome product

  4. Really excited for this product, if its not to late to get a comment into the design team, the “Totally Certified” piece of the logo really takes away from the card… its sort of the black hole of the image just sucking your eye to it and taking away from the rest couldn’t the “totally” part be placed inside the normal certified logo?

  5. Thanks Tracy, it’s nice to know someones listening. Don’t get me wrong, I will be buying at least a box or two either way, and the logo doesn’t take away from the D-Rose auto at all but on the color variations of the base card my eye just goes right to it since it’s the brightest part of the card. It also looks fine on the silver base card but thats just because the rest of the card is so bright that you still get good eye movement. Do we have a target release date yet?

  6. wow! I am beginning to get very interested in HRX. I was thinking of the incredible items that could be made for these products in the future. I like the idea of having some of the players in the NBA who are not the top stars having cards too and legends. I can picture some really cool ideas like: having the most famous moments of a particular players career clips on there. Example my favorite player Tayshaun Prince with “the block” and against Kobe the year the Pistons won the championship. Others that would be very exciting: Magic/Bird HRX with footage of them battling. I would like a Kobe one focused on his 82 point game. and of course a series with slam dunk champs with actual footage (Julius Erving, Jason Richardson, Dwight Howard, Spud Webb, etc.) I could go on and on. I am just starting to see the light with this and wanted to share. The dream HRX card James Naismith Cut HRX with footage from hall of fame 1/1 if you would like to send me some cards for these hot ideas I am always a gracious recipient. All the best!

  7. that derrick rose autograph card looks bad A**! i love the design. please post more images of other cards from that autograph set.

    thumbs up, panini!

  8. Hmmmm, im NOT a huge fan of the design this year. If this is what football will look like — i think its a step-backwards kind of design. Great concept and step forward in the autos and mem per box for this year, but the design is [not good].

  9. We’ve had a lot of questions regarding whether Panini HRX video trading cards will be redemptions. The answer is yes, but in the same fashion as the successful 2010 Playoff Contenders Golden Tickets — and for many of the same reasons.

    All versions of the card will be produced and ready to ship when 2010-11 Totally Certified launches, but these are truly special cards that require special attention.

    To protect such a valuable piece of history — and to also add to the excitement of the initial HRX launch — we want to present these in special boxes. Based on the success of the Golden Tickets and our level of marketing commitment to Panini HRX, we are going to deliver these to collectors the same way the Golden Tickets were distributed — amid an air of extreme importance.

  10. Matthew, I got feedback from our creative director regarding your question/critique of the Totally Certified logo. Essentially, there was a desire to recreate or mimic the old Totally Certified logo.

    Thanks again for the feedback and please keep it coming.

  11. Tracy, with the case hit, is (b)1 of 1 and (c) auto numbered to #5 or less of any player? i.e. not necessarily the panini exclusives of kobe, blake, durant and wall?

  12. Tracy, I recently pulled the D Rose Cert Potential Black 1/1 Auto and am waiting on the redemption. That card is so sick, I can’t wait. I am assuming that the pic on this page is a mock up. DO you know if this will be an “on-card” auto? Thanks! Great design this year, Any strings you can pull?!?! Haha.

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