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Panini America Winner Spends Memorable Day with Canucks Keeper Cory Schneider

June 7, 2012

Now that is how you spend a day with an NHL player.

As the grand prize winner in Panini America’s 2012 NHL Player of the Day promotion, Boston-area collector David Almeida earned the right to spend last Sunday with Vancouver Canucks goalie and fellow Boston native Cory Schneider. But it’s safe to say that Almeida got way more than he bargained for from the burgeoning NHL superstar who proved to be just as impressive off the ice than he is on it.

The sunny Sunday started at the Almeida family home in Southbridge, Mass., when Schneider arrived — early — for a private party that included, among other things, filming a special episode of Panini Unwrapped, candidly answering questions and even an impromptu game of street hockey, easily the day’s highlight.

From there, the party took the waiting limo to nearby L/J Sportscards, Almeida’s local hobby shop, where Schneider signed autographs for and interacted with more than 150 fans before Almeida enjoyed the $250 Panini America shopping spree that was part of his grand prize.

As you’ll see in the video and gallery that follow, Schneider did a tremendous job every step of the way, starting with arriving early, meaningfully interacting with party guests, busting packs (even pulling his own card from a box of 2011-12 Elite Hockey) and joining an impromptu game of street hockey behind the Almeida house.

Schneider was just as phenomenal at L/J’s, putting customers at ease and introducing himself to every autograph-seeker with an extended handshake and a warm smile that suggested he was genuinely having a great time.

Judging by the images and video that follow, it looks like everyone had a great time.

Now, the must-see video documenting Schneider’s visit and a day that Almeida will likely never forget.

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  1. June 7, 2012 3:00 pm

    Imagine That !! An NHL hockey player who has a heart. My thanks and appreciation to Cory Schneider (you are welcome at our store anytime) for being a great guy to the hobby and my thanks to Panini for the Player of the Day Promo. Giving back to the hobby is a seldom done thing so thanks again Panini !!

  2. Jamey permalink
    June 7, 2012 4:27 pm

    What a great story. The pick-up Hockey game looks like it was a tremendous amount of fun and will be long-remembered by those who participated.
    Nice job, Panini!

  3. David Langelier permalink
    June 7, 2012 7:03 pm

    Thats cool bro its good to know that theres players still out there thats not all about the all mighty dollar!!!Its nice to see that Panini does contests like this it gives collectors and fans a chance to meet someone that they admire and respect!Congrates bro on the awesome experiance and keep up the good work Panini!!!

  4. June 8, 2012 5:34 am

    Cory Schneider seems like a great guy who’s down to earth and pretty humble. Definitely made me a fan of him as a person.

  5. June 8, 2012 7:21 am

    Thats just awesome!! Great experience! Thanks for bringin us fans even closer to the game Panini!

  6. Cole Feinbloom permalink
    October 12, 2012 5:39 pm

    That is awesome. Looks like a one great day. Great story, I love it.


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