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Blogger Adds Fitting End to Panini America “Making Of” Ryan Kesler Stick Video

October 4, 2012

Our video last week documenting the beginning-to-end process of Vancouver Canucks superstar Ryan Kesler’s game-used stick created quite a buzz among sports card collectors. There’s no denying that tracking that stick from the ice to the insert sets — in this case 2011-12 Dominion Hockey’s Stickside Signatures and Tape to Tape — was a thrill for all of us here at Panini America.

But at the end of the video, we suggested that the only fitting conclusion to such a movie would be for a collector to pull one of those cards from a 2011-12 Dominion Hockey break — on video. The Cardboard Review’s Luke Cheng unknowingly took us up on it.

Cheng, a California-based San Jose Sharks collector who offers insightful reviews, commentary and opinions on his blog, bought his box of 2011-12 Dominion Hockey last Friday from D&P Sports Cards in Sacramento. He then proceeded to video his break right there in the store with D&P owner Chris Seibel.

Three cards in, Cheng pulled the movie star memorabilia card — a Kesler Stickside Signatures numbered 4/25. His reward for capturing it on video? A box of 2011-12 Dominion Hockey from Panini America.

“I knew the Kesler video existed and thought it was a cool idea, but I hadn’t watched it before I broke my box of Dominion because I have this thing about not watching video of stuff before I break it,” Cheng said. “When I went to D&P to get the box, Chris, a huge Canucks fan, and I were talking about Dominion and what could possibly be pulled. He had mentioned that he really wanted one of the Kesler stick cards. I was like ‘Yeah, right.’

“So I picked one of the three boxes of Dominion he had and we started filming. It truly was a spectacular card. Even as a Sharks fan, I have to say that one was a beauty. When I went back to watch the Panini America Kesler video, it was really amazing to see the card I pulled being made. I mean, it was surreal! Though I had nothing to do with it at all, I felt this sort of pride as I saw the card there. It was really a cool feeling. The video gave that card a lot of extra meaning, and it made me feel as though that card was something really special.”

You can check out Cheng’s review of Dominion here. His video break of the product is below. By the way, we’re still waiting for video of the Kesler Tape to Tape card being pulled. The first collector to submit it to us wins a box of Dominion for their efforts.

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  1. October 4, 2012 3:01 pm

    Love reading “cardboard review” and I thought of the Kesler video right while I was reading his break and review! Great stuff guys!

  2. October 4, 2012 4:51 pm

    Great to see the end of the story for one of the cards in the original video. You know these cards are out there but are they sitting at the bottom of a dealer’s stack waiting to be sold? Are they in somebody’s store? Even in someone’s house waiting to be opened? I don’t know about you but I don’t wait to open boxes when I get them. Thanks for keeping us updated!!!

  3. Lindas1st permalink
    October 5, 2012 9:28 pm


  4. PJA permalink
    August 13, 2013 12:21 pm

    We pulled one on video in one of our breaks! Who do we contact?

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