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Teaser Gallery: Panini America Cracks First Box of 2013 Rookies & Stars Football

August 19, 2013

Panini America 2013 Rookies & Stars Football Teaser (4)

One of the longest-running football brands in collecting history is kicking off its 16th NFL season this week — and when Panini America’s 2013 Rookies & Stars Football releases on Wednesday, it will do so packing many of the comfortable niceties that have made the product such a football staple for so many years. But the one that’s likely to stand out most in 2013 is the same one that stood out most in 1998: Crusade.

The vibrant, rainbow-holofoil effects. The mesmerizing colors. The deep, decadent etching. The undeniable appeal. It all returns in 2013 Rookies & Stars Football. But the newest rendition of the venerable favorite is about may more than a collecting Crusade. It’s about a Rookie Card in every pack. It’s about Longevity parallels, bright designs, spot-on photography and autograph or memorabilia cards that fall four per box on average.

To help give you a better understanding of what 2013 Rookies & Stars Football will deliver when it releases on Wednesday, we grabbed the first 24-pack box we could get our hands on and ripped it open. The following gallery will take you pack-by-pack through the experience.


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  1. Marcus S. permalink
    August 19, 2013 4:51 pm

    Love this years Rookie and Stars Football look. Crusades is amazing looking and what do I gotta do to get that Lacy auto 😉 Can’t wait to bust some this week!

  2. August 19, 2013 5:25 pm

    Good variety and nice inserts! Looking forward to this release!!

  3. Jamey Feuer permalink
    August 19, 2013 6:10 pm

    Damnnnn, that there is a nice box break! The Eddie “Cagney &” Lacy auto is so sweet, and the Tavon Austin “Crusades” issue is an eye-popper. Love the vertical Jersey swatches on the horizontal cards.
    As always, R&S delivers nice bang for modest dollar.

  4. ugameck permalink
    August 19, 2013 6:28 pm

    The crusades look NICE!

  5. Ryan K. permalink
    August 19, 2013 7:13 pm

    Agree with Jamey Feuer, the vertical jersey swatches on the horizontal cards is a nice changeup! And R&S is again an awesome bang for your buck!

  6. August 19, 2013 7:18 pm

    very awesome looking, great inserts

  7. Alex permalink
    August 19, 2013 7:44 pm

    I have a question about what you guys at panini do with the cards from say the teaser gallery and such things as that? Do you donate them, sell them, sorry for bothering you I was just curious. This is a beautiful product and I can’t wait to rip some, love all the Marcus lattimore!

    • August 19, 2013 9:22 pm

      Not a bother at all. We typically give most of the key hits away via contests right here on The Knight’s Lance or through Twitter/Facebook.

      • Alex permalink
        August 20, 2013 4:05 pm

        Oh! Okay, I normally see the Knights Lance giveaways but I don’t have twitter or Facebook! Thanks for the response!

  8. Alex permalink
    August 19, 2013 9:03 pm

    Love that you out Crusades in this and not make another product like the basketball one. That insert set looks sweet and I will prob put it together!!! Thanks for the preview and ROLLLL TIDE with that Lacy!!

  9. August 20, 2013 12:16 am

    Very nice looking product.

    Really love that Dobson auto.

    Bonus points for not photoshopping Steven Jackson and using an actual photo!

  10. August 20, 2013 5:47 am

    Nice preview, started off well with the Werner RC. Very vivid, colorful set and I like the serial numbering on the front for many of the inserts as well. Thanks Tracy!

  11. Sport Card Collectors permalink
    August 21, 2013 11:23 am

    Product looks awesome, but to be honest, i would just bust for the Crusade inserts. I wished you could create a base card set just of those. that would be EPIC


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