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Baltimore’s “Boom Boom” Packing a Wallop Early to Pace Orioles’ Hot Start (Gallery)

April 17, 2017

Boom Boom Mancini

No player in baseball history has hit more home runs in his first 12 big-league games than Baltimore Orioles rookie Trey Mancini. Between five games at the end of 2016 and his first seven games of 2017, the kid they call “Boom Boom” has gone yard seven times, tying Trevor Story and Dino Restelli for the most homers hit in the first 12 games of a career. As you might imagine, Mancini’s penchant for the long ball is working wonders for the demand of his trading cards — including those that aren’t even out yet.

During last month’s Panini Spring Training Road Trip, Panini America officials sat down with Baltimore’s burgeoning first baseman for a quick-but-productive signing session that included, among other things, pieces of lumber for the Immaculate Bats insert coming in August to 2017 Immaculate Baseball. Turns out Mancini’s bats are so powerful they’re even hitting home runs for his teammates these days.

Mancini added the “Boom Boom” inscription to one of his wood pieces — which will eventually make its way into one of the most sought after cards in 2017 Immaculate Baseball. But it’s Mancini’s currently available cards — from 2016 Elite Extra Edition Baseball and 2017 Diamond Kings Baseball — that are commanding attention right now.

Copies of his 2016 Elite Extra Edition Baseball autograph cards, many of which sold for less than $2 last winter, are selling for close to $30 today. Similar appreciation can be seen with Mancini’s new 2017 Diamond Kings Baseball autograph memorabilia cards, which started in the $8 range immediately after release but are now trending significantly upward.

Mancini’s trading ascension is sure to continue with each home run the slugger hits. Stay tuned.

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  1. April 18, 2017 7:08 pm

    Nice market snapshot, great to see so much of his Panini ink trending upward. Thanks Tracy!

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