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The Power of Pink: Rare Prizm Parallels Add Pop to Panini America’s 2018 National Set

July 19, 2018

Panini America 2018 National Pinks6

Once again this year, Panini America officials will be pulling out all of the stops to deliver yet another show-stealing wrapper-redemption program to the upcoming National Sports Collectors Convention. We’ll begin previewing all of the content coming to those fabled silver-foil packs in the coming days; but while you wait for that, we thought we’d provide a little preview to whet your NSCC appetite.

In the must-see gallery that follows, we showcase some of the rare, National-exclusive Pink Prizm parallels — from such products as 2017 Prizm Football, 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Prizm and 2017-18 Select Basketball — that will be randomly inserted into Panini America’s 2018 National set. These special Pink Prizms were created over the last several months for the express purpose of debuting at the upcoming National. Enjoy the sneak peek and stay tuned next week as we begin unveiling our grand plans for the show.

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