2019-20 Contenders Basketball FOTL Launches Tuesday Exclusively via iCollectPanini.com Dutch Auction

December 15, 2019

The special “1st Off The Line” edition of Panini America’s highly anticipated 2019-20 Contenders Basketball launches Tuesday exclusively via iCollectPanini.com Dutch Auction. For those who got to witness the excitement of the first Dutch Auction with 2019-20 Prizm Basketball, well, it’s about to go down again.

For just the second time in company history, Panini America officials are utilizing the Dutch Auction format for 2019-20 Contenders Basketball 1st Off The Line. The auction begins at 10 a.m. CST on Tuesday at the maximum box price; that price will then drop every two minutes as customers set the market price for the product in real-time. Customers will pay the price that is active when they click the purchase button and all sales are final. Customers will be limited to two boxes per transaction.

2019-20 Contenders Basketball features the landmark hard-signed Rookie Ticket Autographs as well as key parallels such as Cracked Ice (numbered to 25), Optichrome Premium Edition Gold (numbered to 10), and Championship Ticket and Premium Edition Gold Vinyl 1/1s. Look for Veteran Season Tickets featuring current and retired NBA stars with on-card autographs.

Look for one of the following autographed cards in every FOTL Box:

  • Rookie Season Ticket Premium Edition Blue Shimmer numbered to 20.
  • Rookie Variation Season Ticket Premium Edition Blue Shimmer numbered to 20.
  • Veteran Season Ticket Premium Edition Blue Shimmer numbered to 10.

Stay tuned Tuesday at 10 a.m. when the Dutch Auction begins.