A Big Flocking Deal: Texture Tells the Story in 2012-13 Past & Present Basketball

April 24, 2013

Panini America 2012-13 Past & Present Flocking (39)

While the hoops world awaits Wednesday’s release of 2012-13 Preferred Basketball, we thought we’d take this opportunity to share just a glimpse of the NBA product Panini America has planned after Preferred. For the record, 2012-13 Past & Present Basketball is a pretty big flocking deal. Literally.

At least certain parts of the product are. Those familiar with last season’s premiere edition of Past & Present Basketball likely fondly remember it for its generation-blending MO that melded several old-school collecting concepts with the new-school feel of eye-popping print technologies. This year’s release follows much the same recipe, but with new designs, new technologies and a whole lot of flocking going on.

Flocking, at least in hobby terms, is a printing process that produces a velvet-like, textured surface to trading cards. In the case of 2012-13 Past & Present Basketball, that different-to-the-touch technology has been liberally and cleverly applied to the set’s Headbands and Championship Banners inserts. With the 2013 NBA Playoffs underway, many NBA superstars are wearing the former while attempting to earn the latter as we speak. So now seemed like the perfect time to preview these flocked phenomenons.

We managed to track down one uncut sheet that incorporated the flocking, as well as a few finished Championship Banners cards, for the following sneak peek.

We’ll have tons of additional coverage on 2012-13 Past & Present Basketball in the coming days right here on The Knight’s Lance. But for now, take a little time to sit back and appreciate the flocking.