A Legend Returns: Panini America Bringing Back Popular Dragon Ball Z Card Game

Panini America 2014 Dragon Ball Z PIS Main

Panini America, the leading global publisher of licensed sports and entertainment collectibles, announced today that it is bringing the popular Dragon Ball Z card game back to the market for the first time since 2004.

The 2014 edition features more than 200 new cards, reprints of past fan favorites and is completely compatible with the original series. The new game was developed by Panini America Brand Manager Aik Tongtharadol, a former Dragon Ball Z world champion who also worked on the original Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game, most recently in 2004. Company officials will preview and demo the game to the public for the first time this week during the 2014 Comic-Con International in San Diego; company officials also will distribute one free 2014 Dragon Ball Z Promo card each day of the show (Thursday through Sunday) while supplies last.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring back Dragon Ball Z after so many years away; it’s a true cult classic that has a fiercely loyal following in the TCG community,” said Jason Howarth, Panini America Vice President of Marketing. “The fact that the new release is completely compatible with those original releases from the early 2000s is huge. Dragon Ball Z loyalists will appreciate how true this new release is to the original; new players will appreciate the ease and pace of game play.”

Panini America will release a 69-card 2014 Dragon Ball Z Starter Deck ($14.99 SRP) that features five Prizm technology cards and one parallel in every deck; 12-card Booster Packs will carry a $3.99 SRP. Both Starter Decks and Booster Packs will feature exclusive cards.

“The Dragon Ball Z card game is one that’s near and dear to me personally, and it’s been beyond rewarding developing its triumphant return,” Tongtharadol said. “In creating this edition, we’ve worked diligently to make it as appealing to longtime fans of the game as it is to the countless new fans who will experience it for the first time. That’s a real strength of this game and I can’t wait to see how fans react to it.”

Panini America’s 2014 Dragon Ball Z card game will arrive in retail stores across North America in late August. You can check out a preview gallery of selected Starter Deck and Booster Pack cards below. Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additional coverage, including later today when we detail our promotional plans for 2014 Comic-Con International that begins today.

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0 Replies to “A Legend Returns: Panini America Bringing Back Popular Dragon Ball Z Card Game”

  1. Bring Guko back is cool, but please also bring back Jeremy Lin autos for your future NBA cards, especially being traded to the Lakers now. Thank you!

  2. i would like to see prizm inserts 😀
    all the other companies use cheap card stock for their trading game cards. it’s frustrating when you bend a $100 trading due to being too fragile
    …on that note, if you guys bring back anymore 90s cartoons in card game form, i will forever be in your favor :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    anime and nba for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dragon Ball Z was the reason why our highschool basketball coach had to change the time of basketball practices many years ago 😀 Everyone was watching it until it was banned form national TVs. (but we have it again now)

    1. i am an avid n loyal dbz player/ collector. i have over 30k cards from the origknal game. and spent 6k on old cards during its run. and around one thousand since it ended. is there a way other than exuberant ebay price to get the comicon promos?

  4. im super excited- I love the dbz game so much that I now run the most reputable online retail store for them (animeexchange.com.au) I am super excited and will be pushing panini to sell in australia!

  5. I used to play a number of CCGs back in the day, unfortunately this was not one of them. I did enjoy the TV show quite a bit though and I see there is going to be a movie soon. Thanks Tracy!

  6. I still have a chunk of my old cards sitting around for nostalgia’s sake, including a Red-Style Kid Buu physical beatdown deck and a Black-Style Mr. Popo card disruption deck. Good times.

    (Although I miss my Orange-Style Chi-Chi ally and drill deck.)

  7. All the preorders that I can find for the new Dragon Ball Z card game say Deck A or Deck B. Are there really only 2 kinds of starters? When I look at the released card images I can clearly see there are 5 or 6 (I forget at the moment) personality sets that are listed as starters (S#) and others listed as common or uncommon (C# or U#). How can there be multiple starter personalities if there are only two types of decks? Does each deck come with several personality sets? That would be cool and add variety to playing on a budget.

    1. @Mathew Beattie, unfortunately starters will be random. Word from retailers is that there will be a “Hero Deck” and a “Villain Deck,” each with one personality’s cards. You don’t know which hero or villain you’ll get with each deck until you open it :\

      Unfortunately the nostalgia for the old game may have carried over to the reboot a bit TOO far, as this sort of blind purchase for Starter decks was one of the biggest criticisms of the original game dating back to its first set (Saiyan Saga.) Not sure if the randomness of the included foils/prizm cards will be enough to satiate the ire of someone who’s just spent another $15 on their 4th Krillin deck 😛

  8. They need reprint sets made specifically for using the old Score dbz cards! 12 card reprints in a set are cool… A whole set would be what brings the original dbz card game players back. The retro tournaments here did way above expectations! (right before 2014 release) If you did reprints of 200 cards in a set, they could entice a whole other generation to play!

  9. is there a way get the promos from comicon other than ebay? i didnt even kno its was reprintin at all. let alond ths same basics from before. please if there is a way to attain them email me i beg u

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