‘A Night to Remember’ Checklist Selected; Collector Vote on Final Design Starts Now!

More than 1,300 votes later, the completely-collector-selected "A Night to Remember" insert slated for 2011-12 NBA Hoops finally has a checklist. Now it needs a design.

More than 1,300¬†votes later, the completely-collector-selected “A Night to Remember” insert slated for 2011-12 NBA Hoops finally has a checklist.

The 20-card tribute to the greatest single-game records in NBA history,¬†selected exclusively by The Knight’s Lance visitors during a monthlong series of polls, is one step closer to completion. What we need now is a collector-approved design.

But before you vote on one of¬†the five design options below, let’s first reveal your 20-card checklist:

  1. Regular Season: Wilt Chamberlain’s single-game scoring record
  2. NBA Finals: Dwight Howard’s single-game blocks record
  3. NBA Finals: Magic Johnson’s single-game assists record
  4. Regular Season: Kobe Bryant’s single-game 3-pointers made record
  5. NBA Finals: Bill Russell’s single-game rebounds record
  6. Playoffs: Magic Johnson’s single-game assists record (tie)
  7. Regular Season: Wilt Chamberlain’s single-game rebounds record
  8. Playoffs: Wilt Chamberlain’s single-game rebounds record
  9. NBA Finals: Ray Allen’s single-game 3-pointers made record
  10. NBA Finals: Elgin Baylor’s single-game points record
  11. Playoffs: John Stockton’s single-game assists record (tie)
  12. Playoffs: Hakeem Olajuwon’s single-game blocks record (tie)
  13. ¬†NBA Finals: Dwyane Wade’s single-game free throws made record
  14. ¬†Playoffs: Ray Allen’s single-game 3-pointers made record (tie)
  15. ¬†Playoffs: Bob Cousy’s single-game free throws made record
  16. ¬†Regular Season: Scott Skiles’ single-game assists record
  17. ¬†Playoffs: Mark Eaton’s single-game blocks record (tie)
  18. ¬†NBA Finals: Rick Barry’s single-game field goals made record (tie)
  19. ¬†Playoffs: Jason Terry’s single-game 3-pointers made record (tie)
  20. ¬†Playoffs: Vince Carter’s single-game 3-pointers made record (tie)

One question before we get to the designs: Would you like to see Dirk Nowitzki’s NBA Playoffs-record 24 free throws made without a miss against Oklahoma City in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals (achieved after voting for the checklist had closed) on¬†your “A Night to Remember” checklist? If so, it would likely replace Vince Carter at No. 20. Let us know¬†in the comments field below.

Now, onto your five design choices:

Let us know over the course of the next week which design you like best by voting in the poll below. Thanks, as always, for participating in this truly unique opportunity. We can’t wait to see which one you select.

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34 Replies to “‘A Night to Remember’ Checklist Selected; Collector Vote on Final Design Starts Now!”

  1. I love #2 however, if it is not too late I would love to see a old school hollywood film roll as the background/border instead of archived files. I think it would lend better to the theme as if you are watching highlights in black and white film roll.

    And a Dirk highlight should always trump anything Vince Carter.

  2. Im feeling Design Option 5 – I love that Spotlight feel and the Yellow of the Lakers jersey with an all black and white back ground really pops

  3. YES……. I do think Dirk needs to be there he is the best free throw shooter 93% and he’s 7’0 lol…. and were Jordan and Bird at it will only be right…

    1. GET OUT OF HERE. A FREE THROW RECORD TRUMPING AN EPIC 51 POINT 3 POINT BARRAGE??!?!?!?!?! 8 three pointers in the 1st half alone was ridiculous.


  4. Do not replace Dirk with Vince. That’s crazy talk. The VC game was an epic back and forth series that went to 7 games with VC and AI trading 50 point performances. That one playoff game solidified Toronto as a legitimate basketball franchise. It absolutely ought to be included in.

  5. I love #1, but I was thinking about, I know for me, when I put my insert in note book sheets, I hate cards facing side ways. That design is the best, but I prefer #2 design over the others.

  6. Option 2 is the best of the 5. It has 2 really good things going for it. No black borders, which tend to chip easily and an action shot and an emotion shot. These 2 combined make for an awesome looking card. Definitely go with option 2

    1. i’m with you. 2 photos, cool tattered file folder look. reminds me of some old UD stuff. only better, obviously.

  7. Definitely the VC card over the Dirk card. VC’s record was more impressive. A 3 point shooting barrage against a stingy Larry Brown defense versus free throws by a good free throw shooter? No context.

    Keep the VC card, leave the Dirk for the next collection.

  8. Take number one and desaturate and blur the crowd and you’ve got a nice card. Take number five and add contrast via team colors to the banner at the bottom and you’ve got a nice card.

  9. I do love the card designs, all of them look really good, especially number one and five. However I was curious if panini has photo of the Wilt Chamberlain 100 point game or if just a generic photo of Wilt was going to be used? same with some of the older records. The Kobe card is a great piece of work and its even more special because the artwork is from that night, seemingly anyways. Keep it up though and thanks so much for invovling the collector in this process! Very, very cool.

  10. not boring! gotta go with #2. although i think #3 also stays true to the NBA Hoops style. the others would look great in other sets. great job guys.

    that V.C. game was epic, and Dirk should be in. why doesn’t he replace terry? terry and carter look to be the only (tie) combo in this checklist. i would say drop one (terry) in order to add another record.

    also, tracy
    will there be a naismith card? not in this insert set, but in 10-11 HOOPS? that would rule all!

  11. I think the V.C one should be replaced. Though free throws are not contested, 24 free throws is amazing. 24/24 free throws should be replacing Vince Carter’s card because theres 2 or 3 other ones of the 9 3 pointers in a playoff game. I’m pretty sure not many people can make 24 free throws in a row in an NBA playoff game

  12. has anyone said something about throwing a “K” in the word night? good branding and most of these players are NBA royalty.

  13. Keep the VC card. As a collector I’d want to see that amazing shooting display over a free throw performance.

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