A Panini America World Premiere Preview: 2012 Prizm Football Finite Black 1/1s

You can call this "Black Sunday." Today is the day. After weeks of captivating glimpses at the many splendid parallels within Panini America's upcoming 2012 Prizm Football, we're finally pulling the curtain back on the rarest Prizm cards in existence: The illustrious Finite Black Prizm 1/1s.

Panini America 2012 Prizm Football Finite Blacks (30)

You can call this “Black Sunday.” Today is the day. After weeks of captivating glimpses at the many splendid parallels within Panini America’s upcoming 2012 Prizm Football, we’re finally pulling the curtain back on the rarest Prizm cards in existence: The illustrious Finite Black Prizm 1/1s.

It’s the one chase set collectors have been clamoring for since they first laid eyes on the unparalleled Prizm technology in 2012-13 Prizm Basketball. Finite Black is a jaw-dropping addition to the Prizm franchise that packs infinite potential. It features both base Finite Prizms and autographed versions and it is, in a word, fantastic.

This weekend, we took advantage of our time between the (uncut) sheets of Prizm to bring you this exclusive peek at what will soon become some of the most coveted and valuable football cards of the entire 2012 collecting season.

Enjoy the NFL Divisional Playoff games today and the unbridled frenzy surrounding the Panini America #PaniniWildCard Twitter promotion. But before you do, feast your eyes on these . . .


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  1. i dont know what to say..cause the cards speak for themselves!! absolutely awesome!! may have to run out and get a case to crack! great work team!

  2. Wow! Beautiful! Can’t wait for it to come in basketball! Prizm Football will be on full force!
    Well Done Panini!
    Thumbs up!

  3. Absolutely amazing cards!

    Just wondering though, and I’m not even sure how it would look, but would it be possible to cut the players out, lay the Finite Black coating down and then past the player over that? As awesome as these look, I think they would pop even more if they looked in front of the Finite Black rather than mixed in with it!

    Either way, nicely done! Out of my price range, but nicely done!

  4. These may be the best looking insert cards I’ve ever seen, I’m a big fan of the Certified Mirror Black parallels but these give me reason to reconsider. I saw just part of a horseshoe in one of those sheets, that’s enough for me. One phrase I did not see in the story is “hobby-only,” does that mean they are found in retail too? Thanks Tracy!

  5. Why you did not the same parallels in the NBA Prizm collection ?? I don’t understand when I see the price for the Prizm Green and Prizm Gold, why you never made the red, blue or black version ??

  6. Great looking Cards! Hey Tracy, I was also wondering whether all the Inserts would have Gold and Black Parallels as well?

  7. Seems like everytime the NBA collectors are the guinea pigs. Ive seen some amazing nice stuff pass by for football and hockey, which sadly is of nu use to me since i only collect basketball. Prizm for basketball had only the golds in hobby, and the rookie cards had no big rookie mention and small rc logo like football does, its something i just cant understand.
    When i see amazing stuff like dominion hockey and black football and now again with prizm football it makes me really jealous!
    Which might actually be a big compliment to the football and hockey department, but it also means im hoping you guys have some huge things lined up to save the nba season!

      1. Not to someone with limited funds and no hobby shop near them. Gives everyone a great shot! Kudos on this, in my opinion.

      2. I agree and disagree. I will NOT buy any retail Prizm. Nothing against the product, but I’ve already seen enough pack searchers hitting Prizm basketball for the Greens. Adding monster cards like these retail is just going to up the number of people going to Walmart and Target and sifting through packs.

        Will there be blasters of Prizm football at least, to help prevent it?

      1. Regular Prizms are Hobby and Retail – Gold Prizms are Hobby and Retail – Red Die cut Prizms are HOBBY ONLY – Green Prizms are RETAIL ONLY – Finite Prizms are Hobby and Retail.
        There will be NO Prizm FB blaster boxes!

  8. WOW! I have a case coming from blowout cards and i cant wait after seeing this preview, thanks tracy for the tease. I will go nuts if these get pushed back, lol.

  9. The layout and structure of Prizm is so simple, so clever and so desirable. While the addition of these 1/1s was inevitable and necessary, I believe you don’t need any more parallels for this set. The retail Green, Hobby Gold and Black are enough, separating this set from others out there. There are plenty of other releases that provide a vast number of different color parallels. While we all want more of the things we like, restraint ensures what piqued our interest in the first place remains. With the 1/10 Gold Kyrie Irving recently selling for just over $2,700, I’m sure these 1/1s will command plenty of interest and huge prices on the secondary market.

  10. I haven’t been to high on any football product for the last 2 years because I haven’t had a player I wanted to chase, but these cards are amazing and I will definitely have to get started back busting some football. If only I had a hobby shop somewhere close to me that would carry this stuff. I guess I’ll be doing my fair share of retail. I would imagine these are a hobby only pull though. Maybe I can try my luck in a break. Thanks for sharing the images. Can’t wait to try to get my hands on some.

  11. These are hideous, nobody is going to want these, just send them all to me and I’ll dispose of them for you guys……

  12. WOW!!! Those look amazing! It’s great to hear those will show up in some retail packs too! It’s disappointing to hear they will be sticker autos though. Hopefully the sticker doesn’t detract from the beauty of these cards.

  13. Can’t wait to get my hands on these black beauties. I will be following The Knights Lance closely for contests and in the meantime, will keep an eye on presells if any come up. Way to keep us salivating. I feel like I am part of a Pavlov experiment.

  14. You know tracy these are cool and all i just hope theyre not all scratched up like basketball prizm was i got 2 kobe autos which was great but one was scratched up and the other which was numbered to 22 out of 25 had white spots all over the surface of the card its pretty disappointing when you get great hits and they are all messed up =[

      1. Some cards are bound to slip through quality control soIts alright. It stinks but im still a very big fan of panini products, and im a huge kobe fan so ill never get rid of them. Everyone at Panini still has my undying loyalty and i will continue to buy multiples of everyone of your products.

  15. Tracy, any time table on a checklist?
    Have a couple spots in a team draft case break and I don’t know who some of the older guys will be etc.
    Any help would be awesome

  16. cards like this is a great flash back to a by-gone era when inserts were the thing to pull…thanks Panini !!!!

  17. Really nice looking cards… Would love to see some of the hotter rookie 1/1’s to get me even more excited…. I take it we can expect to see the 2012 rookie class in full force in this product release?

      1. Tracy, This is by far my favorite looking new product in recent years. I do have a question though, are there going to be legends like jerry rice, brett favre, dan marino in it or is it just current vets and rookies?

        Also, when will we be able to view the checklist to see who all has auto’s. This make things more exciting for people who do case breaks on card forums such as myself to know who could be in our boxes. Thanks for everything you guys are doing and any help with a checklist would be great!

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