A Parallel Monopoly: Panini America Peeks the Exclusive Prizm Parallels Coming to the Monopoly Prizm: NBA Edition Board Game

DETAILS:  Late last month, officials from Panini America and Hasbro sent a buzz reverberating throughout the sports card industry with the announcement of the April-releasing Monopoly Prizm: NBA Edition Board Game. Two genre icons — the stunning trading card brand and the board game titan — coming together in such a meaningful, massive collaboration simply can’t be ignored.

Attendees of this week’s MINT Collective event in Las Vegas were treated to a deep-dive panel discussion on Friday centered around just how this unique project came about and what collectors and boardgame enthusiasts might expect when the product releases on April 16 at Target. Today, we’re pulling the curtain back a little bit more by showcasing the vibrant roster of Monopoly-exclusive and Monopoly-inspired Prizm parallels created for this landmark collaboration.

In the gallery below, we offer a quick visual checklist of the parallels. But first, it’s worth noting that all of the parallels were inspired by the Monopoly game itself. Some examples:

      • The Brown, Light Blue, Pink, Orange, Red, Gold, Green and Boardwalk Blue Prizms are the same PMS colors as the spaces on the boardgame.
      • Money Shimmer features the same PMS color and numbering as the money in the game itself:  Gold (500), Red (100), Purple (50), Green (20), Blue (10), Pink (5) and White (1).
      • The Tiger Stripe Prizm features Board Walk Blue.
      • Monopoly Man, Question Mark, Dice, Deal and Gold Wave Money are all iconic Monopoly images.
      • The Monopoly Black parallel is exclusive to the boardgame.
      • Free Parking is exclusive to iCollect Blasters.
      • The Money Black insert is exclusive to Retail Blasters.
      • The Money White insert is exclusive to iCollect.

The boardgame comes with an eight-card starter deck and two Prizm packs, while iCollect Blasters will deliver an exclusive Free Parking parallel in each box, on average.

Enjoy the visuals and stay tuned for additional information.

*All information is accurate at the time of posting – content is subject to change.

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