A World Series-Worthy Contest

October 27, 2010

Many people might not realize that Panini America‘s corporate office is located less than a mile from Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, site of Game 3, Game 4 and potentially Game 5 of the 2010 World Series that begins tonight in San Francisco when the Texas Rangers battle the Giants.

The proximity of the home team means we have an office full of antlers, claws and rampant Rangers fever these days. And that got us to thinking: “We should have a contest in honor of the World Series starting tonight that puts fantastic prizes in collectors hands in exchange for great ideas.”

So that’s exactly what we’ve decided to do.

The Knight’s Lance — the official blog of Panini America — is less than a week old, which means it’s way a work in progress that will reach its maximum potential only with feedback from those passionate folks who spend the most time perusing it.

That would be you.

So we want to know: What would you like to see from this blog in the days, weeks, months and years ahead? That’s right, we want your ideas . . . for departments, recurring features, galleries, videos, etc. Between right now and the end of World Series (Go Rangers!) simply share your ideas with us by commenting on this blog post. When the series ends, we’ll reward three commenters — drawn completely at random — with one of three sweet prizes.

Oh, yeah, the prizes. We’ve raided our vault to come up with three really fitting, really cool gems in hopes of soliciting nothing less than top-notch ideas. Those prizes are:

We thought that might get your attention. So, you got any good content ideas?