Aftermath: One Week Later, Panini America Father’s Day Cards Generating Big Bucks

June 24, 2012

One week ago today, hobby shops across the country were filled with a Father’s Day buzz the likes of which the collectibles industry has rarely, if ever, seen before. The subsequent social media buzz created by the countless Tweet-worthy pulls, collection-making cornerstones and memorable moments from the rousing Panini America Father’s Day promotion is still going strong today.

It doesn’t hurt that some of the key cards made specifically for the promotion continue to sell for crazy money on the secondary market. From the short-printed Cracked Ice inserts to the scarce parallels to the staggering array of low-numbered, big-ticket autographs, it’s clear that Panini America created a mother lode of must-haves for Father’s Day.

The following gallery includes some of the most staggering sales prices that have transpired on eBay over the last week.