As Packout Continues for 2010-11 Dominion Hockey, So Do the Must-See Images . . .

September 04, 2011

As collectors all over North America enjoy the Labor Day holiday’s three-day weekend, packout for 2010-11 Dominion Hockey continues in earnest at the Panini America printing facility.

Indeed, readying a product like this unique high-end blockbuster for market is a process that knows no down time.

But since we know there’s nothing much better than spending the lazy afternoon of an extended weekend in front of your computer gawking at pure, unadulterated beauty, we figured now was a perfect time to share more exclusive images from the packout process, which should conclude in the next few days.

The product releases September 14. Until then, these images — and more like them in our other Dominion galleries — will have to get you through.