AVAILABLE: Friday, April 8th (10am CST) via the Panini Direct Store

DESCRIPTION: Did you miss out on the release of the 2022 Prizm UFC physical trading cards? Or maybe you just can’t get enough of the action-packed set!  Well you’re in luck. We’ve got more Prizm UFC action, except this time it’s NFTs! On Friday, we’ll be releasing the Blockchain version of the physical trading card release. Collectors will enjoy the same attention-grabbing base images they found in the physical release, a variety of different short printed parallels, as well as super cool insert sets!  Every 4-card pack will contain: 2 Base cards, 1 additional Base or Silver Parallel (#’d to 259), and another Parallel, Insert or Autograph. See more product information below as well as a sneak preview gallery.


    • The 2022 Prizm UFC NFT packs contains 4 Prizm NFTs!
    • UFC Prizm Base Packs
        • Release Date: 4/8/2022
        • SRP: $20
        • Pack Content: 2 Prizm Base NFTs, 1 Silver Parallel(#’d to 259) or Base, 1 Parallel/Insert/Auto per pack
    • Set Construction
        • Base
          • #’d to 899
        • Parallels
          • Silver – #’d to 259
          • Blue – #’d to 149
          • Mojo – #’d to 75
          • Gold – #’d to 10
          • Gold Vinyl – #’d to 1
        • Inserts
          • #’d to 299
        • Autographs
          • #’d to 99
    • $20.00 per pack
    • All Sales Final
    • Limited to 10 Packs Per Transaction

All information is accurate at the time of posting – content is subject to change.*

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