AVAILABLE FRIDAY (3/17) | 2022 Honors NFL Football (Hobby) | ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

RELEASE DATE:  Friday, March 17th at 11am (CST) at the Panini Direct Store

PIS DOCUMENT:  22_HonorsFB_Hobby

DETAILS:     There’s something special about Online Exclusive releases, like 2022 Honors Football. Not only is this particular product a great break, but the initial release is only available at the Panini Direct Store. It just feels extra special! In addition to the exclusive release, every card in Honors will be numbered to 99 or less, excluding the Graded and non-graded Originals.  This release is full of surprises and every box that I’ve seen opened was very different. One thing you can expect is two cards that are graded or in a one-touch case, and a two-card pack of Honors cards that are numbered /99 or less! Catch more details below, as well as a sneak preview of the product.


    • Honors is back in 2022! Featuring more on-card autographs and stars of the NFL. Players like: Patrick Mahomes II, Walter Payton, Johnny Unitas, Tom Brady, Junior Seau and many more.
    • Hobby boxes of 2022 Panini Honors NFL Trading Cards contain four cards per pack and one pack per box!
    • Collectors can expect two slabbed or graded autographs, one base, and one base parallel per box, on average!
    • Find one Recollection Collection Autograph per box, featuring some of the best players in NFL History. All will feature on-card autographs and hand numbering.

*All information is accurate at the time of posting – content is subject to change.


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