AVAILABLE FRIDAY (9/02)!! 2022 Prizm Baseball NFT Packs & Challenges

RELEASE DATE:  Friday, Sept 2nd at 10am (CST) at the Panini Direct Store

DETAILS: It’s been a long August with no NFT pack releases, but we’re back, and coming in hot! Next up is Prizm Baseball! This set includes a new price-point for our Baseball collectors, and a new pack structure, which guarantees hits in every pack, and some really fun challenges!

Full details of the program are below, and be sure to join the Panini Discord channel to hang out with over 8,000 Panini NFT collectors. Whether you’re new to the platform, looking to make deals, want advice on challenges, or just needing to rant about your favorite team, the Panini NFT Discord is the place to be!

    • PROGRAM: 2022 Panini NFT Prizm Baseball Packs
    • RELEASE DATE: Friday 9/2
    • PRICE:  $10 per pack
    • PACK DETAILS: The 2022 Panini NFT Prizm Baseball packs contain one Base NFT (#’d to 649), one Tier II (#’d to 499) or Tier III (#’d to 225) NFT, and one Parallel, Insert or Autograph NFT (#’d to 75 or less) per pack!

SET CHALLENGES:  The moment the packs go live, we will have three set challenges available for users to complete.

      • Base – Aaron Judge:  Users that have the full Base set in their accounts 30 days after the program launches will receive the Aaron Judge Prizm Base NFT
      • Base Silver Parallel – Shohei Ohtani:  Users that have the full Silver Parallel set in their accounts 30 days after the program launches will receive the Shohei Ohtani Prizm Base Silver NFT
      • Base Purple Parallel – Mike Trout:  Users that have the full Purple Parallel set in their accounts 30 days after the program launches will receive the Mike Trout Prizm Base Purple NFT
    • Master Insert Challenge – Color Blast:  When packs go live we will start a Color Blast Master Challenge. This will be a ten-week challenge and users that collect the first nine weeks and have all the previous rewards will receive a Ronald Acuna Jr. Color Blast NFT.
    • Rainbow Challenges – Purple Shimmer and Red Velocity:  After the completion of the Set Challenges we will start a set of Rainbow challenges and allow the Discord community to vote on who they would like to see in this set of challenges.

*All information is accurate at the time of posting – content is subject to change.


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