AVAILABLE MONDAY (12/26) | 2022 Mosaic Football NFT Packs

RELEASE DATE:  Monday, December 26th at 10am (CST) – $10/per pack


DETAILS:  The 2022 Panini NFT Mosaic NFL packs contain three NFTs per pack. Each pack guarantees: two Base NFT (#’d to 749) and one Auto/Parallel/Insert NFT (#’d to 99).

CHALLENGES: When the program goes live we’ll have six set challenges available for users to complete. As long as the user has the complete set from each individual level below, they will get the reward NFT after 30 days.

    • Base Rookie:  Malik Willis
    • Base Mosaic Rookie:  Kenneth Walker III
    • Base Red:  Patrick Mahomes
    • Base Blue Rookie:  Kenny Pickett
    • Base Pink Swirl:  Brock Purdy
  • Master Insert Challenge:  (Rookie Variation Silver) When the program launches we will start a Rookie Variation Silver Master Challenge. This will contain 15 challenges and users that collect the first 14 rewards will receive a Kenny Pickett Master Challenge Reward NFT.
  • Rainbow Challenges:  (Genesis, Peacock, Green Swirl, Honeycomb, Purple)  For the Mosaic NFL Rainbow challenges. Each week we will have two players challenges go live with the first starting on Monday and ending on Wednesday, and the second starting on Wednesday and ending on Friday.

*All information is accurate at the time of posting – content is subject to change.


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