AVAILABLE TOMORROW (8/12)!! 2022 NFL Five Trading Card Game (Hobby)

RELEASE DATE:  Friday, August 12th at 1pm (CST) at the Panini Direct Store

PIS DOCUMENT:  See PIS images in the gallery below.

DETAILS:  Build your fantasy team and lead them to victory in the 2022 edition of the NFL Five Trading Card Game! NFL Five is the perfect blend of fantasy sports meeting a collectible product. The cards are collectible (look for SP parallels), AND you can play with them, which is something most of us crazy collectors are not willing to do with your personal collection! In the NFT world, this is referred to as “utility”. Catch more details below including a sneak preview of the product.


    • Starter 2022 Panini NFL Five Trading Card Game (Boosters) contain 10 cards per pack and 24 packs per box!
    • Each pack contains 9 playable cards and 1 rules update card. Each booster box delivers 4 Epic, 1 Legendary and 1 Rookie card, along with 7 foil parallels!
    • New for this season, Legend players allow you to field some of the biggest stars in pro football history! Also collect the hottest rookies from the incoming 2022 draft class!
    • Collect team-specific Synergy cards that greatly reward you for fielding players from the same franchise.

*All information is accurate at the time of posting – content is subject to change.

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