Base-Set Veteran Variations Add Chase to 2011-12 Gold Standard Basketball

As the golden glow surrounding last week's release of 2011-12 Gold Standard Basketball continues to enchant collectors, astute set-builders and curious player collectors alike by now have discovered the existence of base-set variations for a handful of NBA veterans or retired legends.

As the golden glow surrounding last week’s release of 2011-12 Gold Standard Basketball continues to enchant collectors, astute set-builders and curious player collectors alike by now have discovered the existence of base-set variations for a handful of NBA veterans or retired legends.

The six players in question — Tracy McGrady, Gary Payton, Bill Walton, Shaquille O’Neal, Robert Horry and Dikembe Mutombo — have a combined 31 different base cards in the set, one for each team they played for during their decorated careers. And each of the cards has it’s own unique print run out of the stated quantity of 299.

We’ve provided the complete team and quantity breakdown below.

170 Tracy McGrady Atlanta Hawks G 1/299 to 149/299
170 Tracy McGrady Toronto Raptors G 150/299 to 179/299
170 Tracy McGrady Orlando Magic G 180/299 to 225/299
170 Tracy McGrady Houston Rockets G 226/299 to 279/299
170 Tracy McGrady New York Knicks G 280/299 to 290/299
170 Tracy McGrady Detroit Pistons G 291/299 to 299/299
179 Gary Payton Seattle Supersonics G 1/299 to 199/299
179 Gary Payton Milwaukee Bucks G 200/299 to 229/299
179 Gary Payton Los Angeles Lakers G 230/299 to 249/299
179 Gary Payton Boston Celtics G 250/299 to 274/299
179 Gary Payton Miami Heat G 275/299 to 299/299
183 Bill Walton Portland Trailblazers C 1/299 to 209/299
183 Bill Walton San Diego Clippers C 210/299 to 229/299
183 Bill Walton Los Angeles Clippers C 230/299 to 259/299
183 Bill Walton Boston Celtics C 260/299 to 299/299
210 Shaquille O’Neal Orlando Magic C 1/299 to 79/299
210 Shaquille O’Neal Los Angeles Lakers C 80/299 to 149/299
210 Shaquille O’Neal Miami Heat C 150/299 to 189/299
210 Shaquille O’Neal Phoenix Suns C 190/299 to 229/299
210 Shaquille O’Neal Cleveland Cavaliers C 230/299 to 279/299
210 Shaquille O’Neal Boston Celtics C 280/299 to 299/299
213 Robert Horry Houston Rockets F 1/299 to 129/299
213 Robert Horry Phoenix Suns F 130/299 to 199/299
213 Robert Horry Los Angeles Lakers F 200/299 to 259/299
213 Robert Horry San Antonio Spurs F 260/299 to 299/299
214 Dikembe Mutombo Denver Nuggets C 1/299 to 99/299
214 Dikembe Mutombo Atlanta Hawks C 100/299 to 179/299
214 Dikembe Mutombo Philadelphia 76ers C 180/299 to 209/299
214 Dikembe Mutombo New Jersey Nets C 210/299 to 219/299
214 Dikembe Mutombo New York Knicks C 220/299 to 239/299
214 Dikembe Mutombo Houston Rockets C 240/299 to 299/299

21 Replies to “Base-Set Veteran Variations Add Chase to 2011-12 Gold Standard Basketball”

  1. Can we get a print run for Private Signings as well? I know several people have contacted Panini and no one can help answer the question. Thanks!

  2. I really enjoy this concept, Panini, well done. In the future, I’d like to see photo variations covering certain portions of print runs.

  3. Now thats cool, especially if you collect that player! Gotta hand it to u guys your really on top of your game this year,you should be proud! Im surprised know one has thought of this before! This is something that needs to be add to more products in the near future!

  4. It kind of reminds me a little of the Precious Metal Gems of the past where the first 10 were green and the rest were red. Cool idea.

  5. -This is a great idea?
    What about the sp base cards #’ed to 10 is there any difference on those card’s? I looked but they look the same.

  6. I was hoping for JLin variations.

    Dallas Maverick’s Summer League
    Golden State Warriors
    Houston Rockets
    New York Knicks

    that would have been great

  7. That is really cool. I noticed last years Gold Standard had a couple of variations for a few players. Nice to see it for more players, give something extra to player collectors. Nice job!

  8. i think this is amazing idea for the people who PC any of this players,get to have his favorite player in one of the best product ever in all 6 teams he played,6 diferent jerseys!!!!really like the idea.just wish some of them are my favorite players 🙁

  9. Now thats awesome! You guys just keep putting out more and more great products. You keep adding to an already great products and add a tremendous twist to them. Great job with your cards this year Panini!

  10. Love the idea, hate the choices of players!! Shaq is great, but cmon, Gary Payton and Bob Horry???? You guys could have made this soooo much better, by adding in veterans that people actually collect. Rodman, Mourning, Barkley, Stockton, Malone, Pippen, Miller, any of these guys woulda been a better card to pull, and waaaaaaay more collectible.

      1. Lmao thats funny.. i know for a fact ive gotten rodman, pippen, malone, and mourning cards from panini. Just because they arent under contract doesnt mean they dont make the cards. Only ones they cant use are lbj auto and anything to do with mj (i think?)

    1. Im really not complainin just voicin my opinion……. I mean cmon this is Gold Standard we’re talkin bout right?? They’re freakin gold!!

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