Base Team, Photo Variations Fan the Flames of 2015-16 Gold Standard Basketball

March 09, 2016

Panini America Gold Standard Basketball Variations

One of the most interesting — but perhaps less-heralded — aspects of Panini America’s Gold Standard Basketball brand during its first five years in existence has been the inclusion of veteran base-set variations that have created feeding frenzies for the rarest versions among impacted player collectors. The phenomenon began with that inaugural 2010-11 Gold Standard Basketball release and featured Pete Maravich, Patrick Ewing and Dennis Rodman.

The brand has followed suit in the years since by releasing variations for retired legends and current stars such as Shaquille O’Neal, Gary PaytonDikembe MutomboAnfernee HardawayGrant Hill, Shawn KempJason Kidd, Steve NashRasheed Wallace, LeBron James, Chris Webber, Allen Iverson and more. The recent release of 2015-16 Gold Standard Basketball delivered a new wave of variations to add to the chase, including the likes of Wilt Chamberlain, Damon Stoudamire, James Harden and more.

Almost four weeks after release, it’s safe to say that this year’s variations have kept Gold Standard Basketball top of mind by delivering a dizzying array of big-ticket sales in recent weeks.

Some of the highlights . . .

Impressive numbers one and all, especially considering these cards feature no autographs and no memorabilia. They’re just compelling base-set variations of some of basketball’s most collectible players.

But more than just providing compelling — and sometimes downright devilish — chases for player and set collectors, these Gold Standard SPs and SSPs have become something of a delightful nomad’s land; a one-stop photographic summation of the featured player’s globetrotting NBA ways.

In the must-see gallery that follows, we showcase every veteran variation and photo variation in 2015-16 Gold Standard Basketball. But before the gallery, here’s a quick breakdown of the cards among the veteran variations that should be considered SSPs.

             PLAYER TEAM
48 Kevin Garnett USA Basketball
48 Kevin Garnett Brooklyn Nets
54 Rajon Rondo Kentucky Wildcats
61 Paul Pierce Kansas Jayhawks
61 Paul Pierce Brooklyn Nets
63 James Harden Arizona State Sun Devils
63 James Harden USA Basketball
151 Damon Stoudamire Arizona Wildcats
151 Damon Stoudamire San Antonio Spurs
176 Pete Maravich LSU Tigers
176 Pete Maravich Boston Celtics
190 Wilt Chamberlain Kansas Jayhawks
195 Jerry Stackhouse Milwaukee Bucks
195 Jerry Stackhouse Miami Heat
195 Jerry Stackhouse Atlanta Hawks
195 Jerry Stackhouse Brooklyn Nets

Enjoy the gallery . . . and happy hunting.