Bask in the Artistry of Panini Court Kings Basketball

Merriam-Webster defines art as “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects.” The influence of art has been seen since the beginning of human civilization.

Away from the court, art takes many forms: sculptures, murals, oil paintings, drawings, watercolor paintings, pottery and graffiti. Even Play-Doh and finger painting are art. From royal castles and chapels to museums and refrigerators — art is everywhere.

The game of basketball has its levels of craftsmanship and artistry. It’s seen each possession. Individual player moves, beautiful jumpers, offensive sets, lockdown defensive stops, the list could go on when talking about what makes basketball an art form.

Panini’s Court Kings returns for the 2023-24 NBA season to highlight some of the game’s most artistic players. The cards use unique and art-based designs that are influenced by the style of the world surrounding the stars of both now and yesterday.

Court Kings offers some of the most unique inserts of the year including Maestros, First Steps, Works in Progress, Water Color, and super-short printed Aurora. State of the Art and Paint by Number inserts also catch the eye.

Collect four versions of the newbies that came to the league and balled out during 2023-24 in Rookies I, Rookies II, Rookies III, and Rookies IV. Each version becomes increasingly rare as you go up.

There are a few additions for this year’s Court Kings, including the Self Expression insert, and a chance to find some rookie memorabilia in the Debut Showcase Memorabilia set.

One of the similarities between trading cards and art pieces is that seeing a signature increases the value and feeling behind obtaining them. Here, there are cards featuring signatures from the top rookies, veterans, and legends in the Brush Strokes, Impressionist Ink, Fresh Paint, Heir Apparent, Legacy Portrait Signatures, and Masterstrokes inserts. Expect to find one autograph per hobby box.

Court Kings is sure to add some elegant cards to your collection that’ll make you stop and marvel at how exquisite the NBA game — and the world around it— can be.


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