Black Friday Confidential: More Sneak Peeks from Panini America’s Can’t-Miss Promotion

Nine days from now, Panini America's groundbreaking Black Friday promotion will blossom from an idea into a full-blown phenomenon sure to generate intense excitement in local hobby shops around the country. Anticipation for the program is building by the day as shop owners and collectors find out more about exactly what's inside the exclusive Black Friday wrapper-redemption packs.

Nine days from now, Panini America’s groundbreaking Black Friday promotion will blossom from an idea into a full-blown phenomenon sure to generate intense excitement in local hobby shops around the country. Anticipation for the program is building by the day as shop owners and collectors find out more about exactly what’s inside the exclusive Black Friday wrapper-redemption packs.

To be sure, what’s inside those black-foil packs is nothing less than the most content-rich promotional card set we’ve ever produced.

We previewed the multisport Black Friday base set last week and blew your collective mind yesterday with the first glimpses of Black Friday’s Super Bowl XLV insert that includes autographs and game-used football and pylon cards. Well, we’re back today with another sneak peek showcasing Black Friday’s unique 2011 NFL Pro Bowl insert, a superstar-laden combination of autographs, Pro Bowl-used footballs and player-worn Pro Bowl jerseys.

The results, as you’ll see below, are quite stunning. And they’re available only inside Panini America Black Friday packs.

Enjoy the gallery that follows and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance all week long as we’ll be providing additional details on Black Friday, including information on other aspects of the set, participating shops and how you get involved online.


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  1. I am blown away. I contacted my local hobby shop, and make no mistake, I have helped to put his kids through school. His position is that he’s going to SELL these packs. I was under the impression that that ran counter to Panini’s goal. Is this decision up to the store owner? I know it’s difficult to monitor such things, but as I understand…it’s not another product, it’s a wrapper-redemption reward. Treating it as a bonus source of revenue has me ticked. Thoughts?

    1. Wow if some retailers do that its a dog act!! Some cracking cards in the set. The design across the board on all products has appealed much more to me this year than last for some reason. Everything just seems to Gel nicely and is so clean and uncluttered.

  2. Can’t wait till next friday!! My LCS, Funtime Sports Cards in Cincinnati, is stocking up on Panini products and ready to go!! CAN’T WAIT!!! Thank you Panini!!

  3. You guys are always are the cutting edge of great cards and promotions iI have no card shop near me so can you help a guy out?

  4. Those cards are great! Nice work, Panini. Can’t wait to see the list of participating shops, I’d love a shot at pulling some of these.

  5. its a very simple design but i love it, the patch cards and sick football cutouts really make the card.Are those orange swatches part of the allstar jerseys?

  6. Tracy…Just happened to think of something…How many cards will be in each pack?? I actually like the base set and with it only being 19 cards it would be cool to put it together! But if there is only 1 or 2 cards per pack this could get expensive fast! LOL!

    Thanks again for the AWESOME promotion!

  7. Tracy, do you know the odds of puling a relic or auto card. Im excited to get some of these. I just called the LCS in Colorado I go too when im there for work and he said he will have them so Ill get a few packs atleast. I cant wait. Hopefully there isnt any redemptions 😉

  8. INCREDIBLE!! AMAZING!! MIND BLOWING!! If Panini was put in the local paper these would be the headlines. These cards look so great. I can’t even put it into words I keep searching for some but none are coming up. except the newspaper headline ones. But I was looking for something more….got any suggestions???

  9. Everytime you put more pics of the cards that will be in the Black Friday packs i just get more and more excited!!!!!! Next Friday cant get here fast enough!!!! This is one of the sweetest promotions you guys or anybody for that matter has ever done for us collectors. Usually Black Friday dosent do anything for me because im not big on shopping at Macys or Target but because of Tracy, Scott P and everybody else at Panini, i actually have something to get excited about on Black Friday!!! I am going to be at my local cardshop at 10:30am sharp to bust 3 or 4 boxes of Threads and Timeless Treasures and get in return some of these SWEET Black Friday packs! Im even going into work a little late just to do this and i never take off work. Thank you so much Panini for making the holidays even more holly and jolly for us true collectors!!!! PANINI’S #1!!!!!!!!!

  10. any news on which stores (canadian specifically) might be in on this?
    i asked my LCS and he mentioned the only mail he received was from his supplier but he was under the impression it was only in the US.

    i know you had a thing last year with this LCS as i recall being entered for a draw for a Paninia hockey card…cant remember what the card was all i know is i didnt win ;0

  11. Cards look great, should be a great thanksgiving week! I wanted to ask does every pack have an autograph or jersey in it?

    Happy thanksgiving!

  12. Good idea but easily exploitable. Dealers will be holding these or even more likely searching them for the hits before handing out to the general public.

  13. Sounds alot like the basketball “Player of The Day” promotion you did a while ago. Panini sent T-shirts and lanyards for the customers, and the employees were all wearing them instead.

    1. Unintentionally prolonging your suspense. Just waiting on a few pieces of information. I’ll have more updates regarding some of your questions tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with us.

  14. I started the sub-Thread relative to the ample elbow-room for shop-owner abuse of the Black Friday promo program and wish to respond to comments posted by others who are concerned by the potentiality of shop-owner fraud.
    Its a “given” that these packs are going to be fetching absurd closed-auction prices by 3:00 PM EST on Friday. But spin that around and look at the root: people are JACKED for the promo’, many have no brick & mortar shops to turn to, and therefore many will be willing to shell-out substantial sums in order to participate in this brilliantly engineered and implemented program. Now, store owners who sell the packs (As my local and only vendor cheerfully informed me he was planning on doing) or break them and re-sell the contents…essentially spitting in the face of both company and consumer, will likely find Panini to be unforgiving.
    I voiced my concern…more as a “Query-post” because I didn’t think Panini would really mix-it-up at such a local level. Well, contrary to my expectations…they did. Tracy contacted me STAT’, took the time to allay my concerns, reached-out and tapped my local-shops’ Vendor, and now…the store owner is toeing the line like a tight-rope walker because failure to do so will result, in his mind & possibly for “real.” denial of future Panini products.
    I applaud and am appreciative that Panini is taking every reasonable step to ensure that the collectors are the direct benefeciaries of the Black Friday Event.
    Again, many many thanks to Tracy, “It’s cool!”

      1. man i realy want some of these, but i dont for see it happening as we dont have a lcs here. i have to buy everything from retail so i never get anything good. realy wish i could get in on this

    1. I have 3 LCS nearby and they get their cards from GTS Distribution and will not be participating in Black Friday! Trying to get rich on Ebay after I spent $7,000 in the last 60 days at 2 of their stores. Very upsetting!!!

      Stevens Creek Sports Cards

      3220 Stevens Creek Blvd

      San Jose, CA 95117


      South Bay Sports Cards

      566 South Murphy Avenue

      Sunnyvale, CA 94086


      Peninsula Sports Cards

      572 El Camino Real

      Belmont, CA 94002


  15. why when i go to does it skip to a wrapper redemption thing for a hockey card? it wont stay on the main site it just skips straight to this odd page?

  16. I am looking forward to this incredible promotion… I originally saved up cash for a new Big Screen T.V to get a deal on Black Friday, but I will find myself going to the LCS (which is opening at 5a.m).instead to participate in this Awesome Promotion.Can’t wait as you guys have unbelievable promotions which I witnessed first hand at the 2011 Chicago National. Thanks again and I hope this experience is just as ground breaking and full of mayhem and stellar cards. I’ll let you know how this goes I can’t wait… Thanks for this opportunity

  17. Now that the Turkey, sweet potato pie and string-beans almondine have been presented and devoured, and the parades have paraded and the Football games have been played… I want to wish Tracy, the Panini crew, and the collectors who make this Vlog/Blog so much fun a happy BLACK FRIDAY!

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