BREAKING: Panini America Leaks First Pics of 2012-13 National Treasures Basketball

A monumental shipment of boxes that arrived hot off the presses from the Panini America production facility just this morning offered the indisputable and stunning visual evidence that basketball collectors across the globe have been waiting more than two years for: 2012-13 National Treasures Basketball is coming -- and it's going to be phenomenal.

Panini America 2012-13 National Treasures Basketball Pre-Ink Preview

A monumental shipment of boxes arrived hot off the presses from the Panini America production facility just this morning, offering the indisputable and stunning visual evidence that basketball collectors across the globe have been waiting more than two years for: 2012-13 National Treasures Basketball is coming — and it’s going to be spectacular.

For the first time since the 2010-11 NBA season, fans and collectors once again will have the opportunity to appreciate one of the most celebrated high-end brands in sports card history. This time, however, National Treasures is equipped with the landmark Double Rookie Class that promises to launch the 2012-13 release into a completely different stratosphere in terms of value, collectiblity and “Wow!”

Officials from the Panini America Acquisitions department have spent most of today counting, cataloging, ogling and quality controlling the newest National Treasures arrivals, and preparing to expedite them to the respective superstars on them for on-card autographs. Before they were safely boxed up, though, I was able to grab a few sneak-peek images — Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, Harrison Barnes and so many more — that promise to keep collectors on the edge of their seats — and covered in goose bumps.

The Panini America sales team is in the process of soliciting 2012-13 National Treasures Basketball to hobby shops right now, so be sure to check back with The Knight’s Lance in the coming days for a complete preview of all that the product has in store when it releases later this summer.

For now, though, and in honor of the 2013 NBA Finals tipping off tonight, feast your eyes on just some of the impeccable National Treasures rookie specimens in their pre-signed form. The next time you see these gems, they’ll be autographed.



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  1. There’s some debate as to whether the rookie autos will be serial numbered /199 or /99. Can you comment on that?

      1. Damn i hate that as a player collector that in every series the cards from each player will be #ed to 199,99,79,49,25,10,5 and 1of1. That is crazy to collect all cards if you are a player collector.

  2. can u please tell distributors to not juice us and jack up prices? the average collector can’t afford to spend 700 a box!! I can’t wait for this stuff!!

  3. Amazing gallery, it’ll be good to see NT back for hoops fans this year. Thanks as always Tracy!

  4. WOW, i can’t find the words to describe what i have seen here! wow

    Am i right when i assume that on the “one of one” cards the 2 different placing of the “One of One” text is based on the fact that a player was a “real rookie” in this season (top left corner in this case) or he was a second year player (but still considered rookie from the collectors view point) ?

  5. Wow. And I thought that preferred is the alpha dog!

    AWESOME cards!!! Just wow! Beautiful! !!
    Logoman auto would be to the roof. Record pricing?
    For sure!

    Great cards to tease us!
    Tracy you made my day!!!

  6. Why did you remove some of the pictures that you previously had on the page? Are they errors? Why did Anthony Davis have a #2 window (for example)???

  7. WOW. Amazing gallery and the players havent even signed them yet! lol what I would do to get that Harrison Barnes Logoman.

  8. these previews have us drooling, too bad I didn’t see any Jimmy Butler previews.. also any chance of Lillard RC Patches and Logoman just like the rest of the draft class sans autograph obviously.. that would be amazing.. and still no D.Rose autos this year?

  9. Tracy I know its early, but do you think the pricing on these cases/boxes will be somewhat near the Nt football series from this year. Im trying to get a ball park figure on money to save for my cases! Haha but honestly the cards are prolly the best basketball card since the last NT fro 10-11!! The logoman are gonna pull huge amounts of money especially K. Irving and Anthony Davis. I was getting kind of worried because know one knew about the Nt basketball for this year. I asked when you guys broadcasted at the Summit, but I guess you guys missed the question… No biggie… I will be sure too, keep a check for more updates and an early congrats on the hugest product of the year by far!!

  10. I’m blown away Tracy like literally! I’ve waited for these images to pop up! Just amazing at how clean these designs are. After a yr hiatus, these NT will be one of the hottest things to ever hit the market and I can’t wait to bust a whole case! I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that you guys will try to have this out on the week of The Nationals? Let’s hope it does, can’t wait for it! Thanks again Tracy, will be looking forward to more images in the near future!

  11. NT NT NT NT NT. That’s the only 2 letters that matter. gosh, really excited about the product. hope we can land some cases to be busted in Indonesia.

    thanks for the preview tracy. those galleries really stunned me. still can’t believe my eyes. WOOOOOWWWWW!

  12. Reblogged this on NimitzBlog and commented:
    12/13 NATIONAL TREASURES BASKETBALL is coming, and they will be BIGGER AND BETTER than ever.
    Really can’t wait to work on the cases and hope we can bring some great cases to Indonesia.
    Meanwhile, check out these great preview galleries from The Knight’s Lance. Enjoy 😀

  13. Tracy, these images make me wish that I was 9 again and still interested in the NBA and collecting basketball cards. Those honestly blow the pants off National Treasures Baseball, and those were some absolutely sick cards. A truly commendable job once again to Panini.

  14. Really like the layout on these. The swatches are sweet. This is what a high end product should look like. Very classy. Once again great job Panini Basketball team.

  15. On the Looman cards the window should be extended so that the NBA can show in its full glory .RC can go somewhere else or be made smaller so that the full logoman can show.

  16. Tracy.

    Are the Autos going to be On Card or Sticker?

    Stickers are a big turn off for a bunch of collectors. To me it makes the cards look cheap. I have Autos of the same player from NT and Contenders Football and the Sticker Auto looks identical on both cards. Come on man that’s not right. There’s a $400 price difference in the cost of the boxes and you guys made no effort on getting these guys to sign on card.

    When you get players to sign batches of 1000’s of stickers and you guys put those same stickers on everything you make it’s just wrong.

    Yes I know On Card means more redemption’s but it just looks nicer, cleaner, and more valuable.

    Preferred is the best product out now, the fact every auto is On Card is the main reason.

    Also If you know of players that are never going to sign don’t give them an auto in the product. I hate getting redemption’s that I know I’m never going to get.

  17. Tracy, i hope blowout cards is just too excited and jacked up the prices on their website ’cause $600 is a no go for :[

  18. *drool*

    *more drool*

    $609 though, no idea where I would get that kind of money lol. Anyone need their lawn mowed? lol

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