‘Championship Card’ Winners Announced

February 10, 2011

To help get us all in the spirit of Super Bowl XLV late last week, The Knight’s Lance asked its loyal readers to share the stories behind their own championship cards; those special personal collection gems that, like the Lombardi Trophy itself, have come to symbolize football greatness.

True to form, you did not disappoint.

The heart-warming stories of your collecting glory days came rushing in, helping make last Sunday way more super than it had a right to be. For that, we thank you.

In fact, your stories and pictures were so good that we found it hard to award only one Super Bowl XLV prize pack. So we decided to do the unthinkable by awarding 12 Super Bowl prize packs. You try looking at the following pictures and telling even one of those passionate collectors featured that they didn’t make the cut.

We just couldn’t do it.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Here’s hoping your new Lombardi Trophy trading card is as close as your next pack of Panini America football cards.

Oh, and to our 12 lucky winners, check your email. We need your address so we can send your goodies.