Coming Soon to a Panini America Hockey Product: Sweaters Fit for Kings

I couldn't help but notice Panini America's Alex Carbajal living like a king (make that "King") early last week, nattily festooned in the most majestic, special-edition Los Angeles Kings sweater I'd ever seen. It was the purple-reigning "vintage throwback" sweater the Kings' Drew Doughty wore on Oct. 9, 2010, in the game at Vancouver that celebrated the Canucks' 40th anniversary.

I couldn’t help but notice Panini America‘s Alex Carbajal living like a king (make that “King”) early last week, nattily festooned in the most majestic, special-edition Los Angeles Kings sweater I’d ever seen. It was the purple-reigning “vintage throwback” gem the Kings’ Drew Doughty wore on Oct. 9, 2010, in the game at Vancouver that celebrated the Canucks’ 40th anniversary.

It’s one of three sweaters from that game Panini America acquired directly from the Kings — in addition to ones donned by Jonathan Quick and Jonathan Bernier; the company will incorporate the resulting game-specific pieces into forthcoming hockey products, beginning, quite fittingly, with 2010-11 Crown Royale Hockey.

“I’ve always thought the best collectibles are those that generate conversation, that give collectors something to talk about,” says Al Muir, Panini America Hockey Brand Manager. “So I get a kick out of creating memorabilia cards that leave no doubt as to the origin of the swatch.

“We managed to create some controversy earlier this season through the purchase of several throwback jerseys worn by the Montreal Canadiens; when I caught the Kings-Canucks game on TV, I knew those L.A. throwbacks could create the same sort of excitement. They’ll definitely lead to the sort of swatches that will make even the most jaded collector stop and take notice, and that’s the sort of reaction we want to create with all of our hockey programs.”

The sweaters certainly made me stop and take notice. And the more notice I took, the more captivated I became. I think you’ll see what I mean.  


10 Replies to “Coming Soon to a Panini America Hockey Product: Sweaters Fit for Kings”

  1. Al is really looking out for me. 😉

    Those are absolutely gorgeous, very excited to see where they end up. The swatches will absolutely stunning I’m sure. Crown Royal is the perfect product to debut them and highlight the Kings team.

    Thanks for sharing Tracy, good work dude.

  2. Those are some excellent acquisitions and will no doubt make the growing legion of Kings fans very happy. As the guy that noted the “controversy” about the Canadiens’ sweaters in Certified (at least the Carey Price retro jersey) and has been grabbing Price Certified memorabilia ever since, I hope that the Kings fans enjoy their super-limited and unique jerseys cards as much as I am!

  3. Funny how the legion of Kings fans started growing last year when they made the playoffs for the first time 8 seasons. ::rollseyes::

    Jump on the bandwagon folks, I’m still driving it through thick and thin.

  4. You throw a piece of Quick’s retro jersey on a card with his mug from that game (did you see the gorgeous mask!!!!) and that would be one of the best cards out there – period.

    Love it!

  5. I had the opportunity to attend this game (Canucks season opener) on Oct. 9th and saw those jerseys in “living colour” and let me tell you , they were spectacular! Jonathan Quick’s pads and equipment were also a highlight, in the “retro” look as well. Thanks for the close-up pics – these are sure to produce gems that collectors are sure to love!

  6. Well, now I know where the Doughty vintage jersey went lol! I’ve been checking the LA Kings game used page to see if they have listed it 😉

  7. It’s such a horrible thing to have sweet jerseys like that cut to bits 🙁 the only ones that don’t have namebars on the back

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