Congratulations to This Year’s Kid Reporter Winner: Jayce Choi

Panini’s Kid Reporter contest received nearly 300,000 entries this year. Of all of those, there was only one lucky winner. Congratulations to Jayce Choi, a 9-year-old from Irvine, Calif., who won from a pack of 2023 Prestige NFL Trading Cards from Walmart.

The young card collector will attend Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, where’ll he be somewhat conflicted. Yes, he’s in for the experience of a lifetime, but the Rams’ superfan will also have to watch division rival San Francisco search for its sixth Lombardi Trophy.

Perhaps he’ll pull for the Chiefs, or, like a lot of America, he’ll just root for an entertaining and down-to-the-wire game at Allegiant Stadium.

Watching the big game is far from the only thing Jayce will be doing in Vegas. As the contest’s name suggests, the youngster will get to live the life of a reporter and interview players from both teams.

His right-hand man at the event will be Super Bowl XXXV champion Trent Dilfer, a longtime partner of Panini and the Kid Reporter program.

Jayce will also frequent the Panini VIP Prizm Lounge, where he can mingle and interview other NFL veterans/legends as well as collegiate NIL stars and La Liga athletes.

Other events the trusty kid reporter will attend are the 2024 NFL Experience, as well as the 2024 Merlin Olsen Super Bowl Gold Jackets Brunch.

Jayce’s mother, Hellen, is understandably a proud mother. “Gratitude paves the way for remarkable opportunities,” she said. “Jayce’s journey, ignited by his love for collecting sports cards since age 6, reflects the joy found in chasing dreams and exploring the stories and history of players — their lives, triumphs and trials. With each box and pack he opens, may every card unveil a fragment of the extraordinary path that lies ahead. Dreams do come true and undoubtedly, the best is yet to unfold.”

Good luck to Jayce, and congratulations again. Don’t give those Super Bowl participants any softball questions!


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