Big-Dollar Sales of Vin Scully, Black Friday, NBA Shine in New Panini America PPI

Regardless of whether you collect trading cards for the love of the hobby or as an investment, there's no denying the thrill of uncovering a valuable trading card. In our attempt to keep you abreast of hot-selling Panini America trading cards raising brows on the secondary market, we offer you this special edition of the Panini Price Index. In this edition we take a dive into three newly-released products: 2012 Cooperstown Baseball, 2012-13 Totally Certified Basketball and 2012-13 Prizm Basketball. And now that the dust has settled on Black Friday, we'll also take a look at the incredible prices that the Black Friday trading cards have brought collectors.

Regardless of whether you collect trading cards for the love of the hobby or as an investment, there’s no denying the thrill of uncovering a valuable trading card. In our attempt to keep you abreast of hot-selling Panini America trading cards raising brows on the secondary market, we offer you this special edition of the Panini Price Index.  In this edition we take a dive into three newly-released products: 2012 Cooperstown Baseball, 2012-13 Totally Certified Basketball and 2012-13 Prizm Basketball.  And now that the dust has settled on Black Friday, we’ll also take a look at the incredible prices that the Black Friday trading cards have brought collectors.

Back in August, marketing comrade Tracy Hackler broke the news when the Cooperstown Baseball autographs arrived of legendary Dodgers radio broadcaster Vin Scully. We were also reminded that  Scully’s autographs had never before appeared on a certified trading card until the release of Cooperstown Baseball. Earlier this week, the first of his autographed Cooperstown trading cards appeared on the secondary market and sold for $410 while another sold for $300. 

Panini Brand Managers David Porter, Keith Hower and Wes Elliot have put together a staggering run of 2012-13 NBA products thus far. Back again this year and turning heads is Totally Certified Basketball. Continuing the trend from the 2011-12 Totally Certified release, the low-numbered parallel versions of the base cards, especially the rookies are bringing nice cash. Consider this, a non-autographed Anthony Davis Totally Green Parallel (#’d 3/5) sold for $600. Detroit Pistons first-round pick Andre Drummond also made the list with his non-autographed Totally Green Parallel (#’d 5/5) netting $300.

Or how about Kyrie Irving’s Totally Blue Prime Jersey Patch card (#’d 2/25) which brought $325. A Rookie Roll Call Autographed Green (#’d 2/5) of Golden State Warriors rookie Harrison Barnes also checked in with a sell of $300. One of Steve Nash’s first autograph cards since joining the Lakers showed up in the form of a scintillating Totally Signatures Autographed Green (#’d 4/5) selling for $207.

Much has been made about the stunning look of 2012-13 Panini Prizm Basketball. Some of the newly-released Prizm Basketball trading cards have hit, and well, let’s just say the market has spoken. The alluring reflective prism and etch technology is enough to make anyone open their pocket book. Take for example a non-autographed Kobe Bryant Gold Prizm (#’d 2/10) that sold for $399.99. Or better yet, how about the $675 sell of sky-rocketing rookie sensation Anthony Davis’ Prizm Refractor Autographed card (#’d 23/25). Last and perhaps most impressive, a redemption card of Kyrie Irving’s Prizm Rookie Autograph (#’d 25) sold for $999.99.

If the above doesn’t provide enough examples of the value and cash potential of Panini America trading cards, then we present to you the aftermath of the 2012 Black Friday promotion. Several of the cards have already hit the market, including an Anthony Davis Cracked Ice Autograph card which sold for $300. No surprise that Kobe Bryant made the list with a 2012 Panini Black Friday Game-Used Shoe and Autographed card selling for $350. An Andrew Luck Black Friday Autographed Breast Cancer Awareness Jumbo Patch card also caught the attention of a lucky collector, selling for $200. But maybe the only example worthy of illustrating just how valuable the Black Friday packs have become, and how far collectors will go to get them, is the sale of a  24-pack lot of Black Friday packs for a staggering $875. That breaks down to roughly $36/pack.

There’s perhaps no player on the planet hotter right now than the blistering Colin Kaepernick. Since being named the 49ers’ starting signal-caller in Week 11 of 2012, the value of his trading cards have exploded. Last week, his 2011 Panini Limited Autographed NFL Shield Logo card (#’d 1/1) commanded a hefty $1,050. Or take a peek at his 2011 National Treasures Platinum Rookie Autographed Logo Patch card (#’d 3/5) which sold for $999.99. We will continue to monitor the red-hot and highly-collectible Kaepernick – you can read more on him from The Knight’s Lance here.

We’ll stop here and let you decide for yourself. Deal or no deal? To sell or not to sell? To collect or not to collect? Maybe I went too far there — enjoy the gallery below! Oh yeah, and this wouldn’t be any fun without the opportunity to win something, right? Post your comments below for a chance to win your very own 10-pack lot of 2012 Black Friday Packs.


50 Replies to “Big-Dollar Sales of Vin Scully, Black Friday, NBA Shine in New Panini America PPI”

  1. Those are nice value sale. But I think it would even go higher!

    I will keep them as a great showcase collection!
    The only time I will be letting go if the asking price would be very convincing.

    Its nice to know that a lot of people made some! Good lick everyone!

  2. Wow, those are sweet-looking cards, and proof that Panini creates a superior product! I know you can get Black Friday packs through an online order, but there’s nothing like picking one up in person, and I was unable to do that this year, Maybe I can win some, and thanks again to the Hack-man and Panini for such great-looking product!

  3. It’s good to see this value of Panini cards. And I’m sure they will keep rising with all the new stuff that comes out soon to. I only wished I’d pursued the Black Friday packs harder during the promo. Just couldn’t swing it. Great cards!

  4. The black Friday cards certainly are a great addition to panini’s already stout sports card lineup and should be the envy and benchmark of every other company! Great work!

    Kaepernick is something else. In the recent “San Francisco treat” price guide featuring alex smith, it is ironic how the article mentioned how it was “worth the wait.” Merely 3 weeks later, he’s on the bench and kaepernick is on fire. Unreal.

  5. Look at all these great cards listed above. I’d be as most would thrilled to open a pack or a box and find on of these hits waiting for me. The fact that there may be a $300.00 Luck auto or an $800.00 davis short print auto is part of the excitement. I’d say for me though its allot like Hunting. Yes hunting. The pursuit of the hit is just as important if not more so than the trophy its self. Going card by card….pack by pack and then getting that card you were hopping for finally is rewarding to me. I don’t sell many cards. My son enjoys looking through them too much with me! I just enjoy the hobby period and seeing it do well and prices surge as well as all who comment on these blogs share their thoughts is great. The black Friday promo as was shown on the lance was a definite stimulus to the industry. Cud dos to Panini on that .There are some great cards in those Black Friday packs. Thanks again Panini for all you do. I’ll keep chasing down the trophies!!

  6. i just love panini i wish i could of got some black friday packs though not cards store were i live but hopefully next year and tracy you guys are doing a great job thank you

  7. Wowser some nice prices there! I have never hit a card with super high value, not sure what I would do if i did there would always be the nagging voice in the head saying sell it but then there is the fact you pulled it yourself. Would be a great dilemma to have!

  8. I love the Totally Certified designs. The Davis Totally Green is beautiful, as is the photography on the Black Friday base cards–particularly the Clay Matthews flex.

    And because people are tossing ideas out: a Davis/Irving dual auto would absolutely DESTROY these top prices!

  9. Love the post. Great Job. I would like to see “Panini Price Index” posts more often (once a month?). Maybe a week after the release of a National Treasures or Prime Cuts type product.

  10. Some of those prices are ridiculous! You’d be foolish to not sell some of those items. Really looking forward to my incoming Black Friday packs. Hoping for a Jonathan Quick, Troy Polamalu, or Kidd-Gilchrist auto – TO NOT SELL 🙂 Haven’t seen but one of them on the secondary market.

  11. Wow… that stuff is just SPECTACULAR!!! And my idea is to create a dual auto patch of the first 2 picks of the draft of all sports, example: Nugent-Hopkins and Landeskog auto SHEILD would sell like CRAZY. I have never pulled a crazy high end card before, but would LOVE one of those!!! Awesome ideas Panini, keep up with the great work!!!

  12. Thanks for this article. I always enjoy these! Panini hands down do more than any company to make the hobby exiting and enjoyable!!

  13. I am truly in awe of some of these sales, thanks for bringing these to us Chris. Those Vin Scully sales are really staggering, I knew that card would draw sizeable attention when Tracy brought it to us but I had no idea that it would reach those prices. And that Andrew Luck card would be a huge addition to my collection if I could come up with that kind of cash! Thanks again!

  14. Those are some staggering sales right there. I find it interesting how the market works. Sometime an RG3 jumbo jersey card sells for under $20 and then the next week $50. I see cards that are autographed of players sell for less than cards of that same player short printed except not numbered. I agree with “geoffgoebel” all the way. When I find a pack of cards and buy it and realize I pulled a thick card before seeing the player’s name, I’m always hoping for that 1/1 card. I have never been that lucky but I have pulled some nice cards from football, basketball, and even baseball on occasion. At this point being the collector that I am if one day I do pull a hit worthy of such prices as above I will most likely hold on to it. Thanks for putting the market into a greater perspective for me Panini:)

  15. All the black Friday cards look I think Kaepernick, card will keep rising, so I wouldn’t sell yet..Unfortunately I was unable to get any black Friday cards.was really hoping for sine Giants luck but there’s always next year..I really love panini cards and the customer service from what I’ve seen is amazing..

  16. I would have to say I really love Panini..Not being made of money I’m not able to participatew in buying boxes as much as I Really wish I could..I love the produscts you put out and the Black Friday packs were amazing.The Prism looks great to..I cant believe some of the prices these cards go for..I know there are a few I would probably sell(and use to buy boxes)but some I would most defiently keep..Like any Giants or Yankees cards..Again Thank-You for the cards and Fingers-Crossed you pick me for some Black Friday packs(if not to late)Only chance at me getting any this year..

    1. Okay, so…I’m not the only contest winner to not have rec’d my prize packs, I gather.
      Like you, Mark, I am super-stoked to receive my Black Friday packs…& open the heck out of ’em! I feel like a 12 year-old checking the mail everyday. Panini, what have you done to meeeeee!!!

  17. Sorry about the two seperate posts..Did one from my phone and I didnt think it had gone through so I did one from my computer…Wasnt trying to put multiple posts..Might I ask if it was to late to have a chance at the Black Friday cards?

  18. This is a tough one, in my opinion. I have been collecting for as long as I can remember, and its real tough to sell cards from my collection. I never had enough money to buy really good packs or the opportunity to get a lot of great cards, so when I got something special, it meant a lot to me. A couple years ago I was really in need of some money to buy an engagement ring for my then girlfriend. The only thing I knew of to do, was to sell off some of my collection to get some quick cash. I kept most of my favorite players (Mavs/Stars/Cowboys…since I’m a homer fan), but actually sold quite a bit of my “better” cards and ended up raising about $700. It was a tough pill to swallow, but I knew it was the only way to save up some money, so I knew I did the right thing. But, I think somehow the card gods were looking down on me, because the same day I purchased her ring, I bought a pack of 10-11 Contenders Patches and got a John Wall Rookie Ticket Auto/Patch card! That will definitely be a card I couldn’t give up just because the story behind it. So, unless I were to get a card or cards that I know would fetch big bucks, I am in this for the collecting…but sometimes those price-tags are very tempting to unload!
    Thanks for all the opportunities for these little contests and hopefully I might win one soon! Panini does an amazing job all around.

    1. It’s difficult if not impossible to be a collector AND seller. It hurts to part with a card that is being sold to pay bills… Even if the bill is for an engagement ring, though a worthier cause i cannot imagine bro. Far easier is selling part of a collection in order to purchase another card.
      I have only pulled a card with the abo dvalues once; an Ichiro logo patch auto /25. I have yet to sell that card and although I might consider trading it… I refuse to sell it.

  19. This is probably one of my favorite post from y’all! I love reading about how much basketball products are selling for. We need more post like this! Maybe every product or every other product. I know it’s a lot of work but it makes me want to chase for those cards even harder! Keep it up Tracy! Nice work!

  20. They all look great. I would keep any Koby or Anthony Davis card from the gallery because they look like they belong in a art museum exhibition. This is just another example of panini’s commitment to quality products. That is why the cards have such a high value. Keep up the good work panini. 🙂

  21. Any winners on black friday packs? That is a great giveaway. The hits out of those packs I’ve seen are outstanding

      1. I was one of the “additional winners” of contest 3. I received my prize (product), for which I am extremely grateful to Scott, Tracy “T-Hack” Hackler, and the rest of the kind peeps’ at Panini. The contests you guys run, coupled with the prizes you distribute, are one of the many elements that separate Panini from the other manufacturer’s.

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