Different By Design: Panini America Peeks 2012 Prime Cuts Baseball (Gallery)

High-end baseball collectors, know this: The 2012 Prime Cuts Baseball product that is slated to arrive in late October should not be confused with the 2011 Prime Cuts Baseball product that released in April. This new installment has been revamped, redesigned and re-engineered.

High-end baseball collectors, know this: The 2012 Prime Cuts Baseball product that is slated to arrive in late October should not be confused with the 2011 Prime Cuts Baseball product that released in April. This new installment has been revamped, redesigned and re-engineered.

The result, as the product solicitation sheet boldly proclaims, is a “prospect-free set comprised entirely of Hall of Famers, all-time legends, current MLBPA stars and 2012 autographed MLBPA Rookie Cards (numbered to 99 or less) of on-field rookies like Yoenis Cespedes, Brett Lawrie and Matt Moore.”

2012 Prime Cuts Baseball also will deliver the first autograph and memorabilia cards of the 2012 USA Baseball Collegiate National Team, including scarce Letterman Booklets.

Each two-card pack of 2012 Prime Cuts Baseball (15 packs per case) will include either two autographs or one autograph and one memorabilia card. The set will feature 50 base cards (numbered to 99 and including memorabilia), 50 Century Signatures (with Gold, Silver and Platinum versions), 22 USA Baseball 2012 Collegiate National Team hard-signed jersey cards, 50 Timeline Autographs, 50 Timeline Materials Signatures (featuring Trios and Quads) and 36 Timeline Booklets.

Other highlights include . . .

  • On-card autographs for Significant Signatures and Notable Nicknames (both numbered to 49 or less) including the likes of Eddie Murray, Tom Seaver, Robin Yount, Ernie Banks, Johnny Bench and more.
  • Memorabilia-laden cards of Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Dizzy DeanRogers Hornsby, Bill Dickey, Albert Pujols and Yu Darvish.
  • A Significant Signatures lineup comprised completely of Hall of Famers, and one future Hall of Famer
  • (Mariano Rivera) with on-card signatures.
  • Notable Nicknames mixes Hall of Fame players (Whitey Ford, Mike Schmidt, Lou Brock, Eddie Murray and others) with some of the most popular players of all time, including Josh HamiltonPaul O’Neill and Larry Walker.
  • Hats Off Signatures honors 11 Hall of Famers and baseball’s all-time hit king, Pete Rose. Each card carries a swatch of a game-worn cap, an autograph and numbering to 25 or less.
  • A new spin on the Notable Nickname insert, Notable Nicknames Cuts includes legendary 1/1 signatures from the likes of Johnny Evers, Ted Williams, Satchel Paige, Connie Mack, Frank Baker and Casey Stengel, among plenty of others.
  • Timeline Booklets honors the biggest years and the biggest careers from the game’s most iconic players by pairing their game-used memorabilia with a cut signature and numbering to 10 or less.


We’ll have much more info in the coming weeks on 2012 Prime Cuts Baseball. But for now, sit back and enjoy this splendid first look:


13 Replies to “Different By Design: Panini America Peeks 2012 Prime Cuts Baseball (Gallery)”

  1. man 2 cards that is crazy man, i might like it more if the usa hits were extra. Getting a usa auto is kinda like a prospect auto, idk. And for the one relic per box. I hope those and not single relic cards. I would think they should be multiple pieces if your only getting two cards. I just think it would make the product better if it came with and extra single relic card like one usa player or one rookie relic. Im kinda looking at it in a group break prospective. Doing a group break of this would leave a lot of teams hitless i think lol. Just some ideas that came to mind.

    1. I think you need to read it more closely. 2 cards per pack, one pack per box, 15 packs per case. That’s 30 cards a case, if I’m reading that right. So whether you buy a pack or a box, its 2 cards. While the product looks phenomenal, I have a feeling it will be juuuuuust a bit out of my budget for 2012. I’m waiting for the Cooperstown cards next week. Can’t wait to pull me a Vin Scully out of my first box!

      1. no i knew that when i left that comment. Just sayin if they stay with the 2 cards per pack/box whatever you want to say it as. And say boxes cost about 140 then that would make each GB spot around 75 bucks. It all depends on how much box prices will be. But I can’t wait to see this stuff opened.

  2. “Johnny Field”, are you kidding me? Hahahaha.
    With name like that this kid couldn’t be anything but a baseball player. His name is so appropriate. I love it. Hahaha.

  3. Now thats what im talking about this product is smokin hot!!! Love the nicknames idea wit Eddie Murphy” Steady Eddie”!!! Then theres the Cal Ripken signature and 4 piece memo is hot as well! But theres no denying that the Joe DiMaggio is a masterpiece itself! Nice job guys this is an A+ in my book!!!

  4. I agree with Jay… and I’m confused. If each pack is comprised of but …2, TWO cards, (2 autos or 1 auto & 1 mem’), where do “50 base cards” /99 factor in? Am I misreading this and the base cards /99 ARE memorabilia cards? If so, are they of the 1-color jersey/bat-chip smaller than a postage stamp variety? In conjunction, while I like Team USA auto cards, calling them anything but prospect cards is a matter of semantics.
    What is the MSRP, Tracy? Not every box is going to hit it out of the park, naturally. Thus, with this being a “2-card per box” product, price-point will go a long way towards determining the product’s worth.
    That aside, Prime Cuts is a seminal product…a legendary baseball release, and I enjoyed last year’s product very much (largely due to the Ruth bat card and 1/1 Cliff Lee patch I pulled)

  5. A very Prime Cut product 😉 That Griffey is one sick, sick drool worthy card. I think my tongue must go back in my mouth.

    I also really like the appeal this product brings. the player lineup, the autos and overall design are very nice.

  6. Idk looks like the first Prime Cuts, just juiced up a bit. The quad relic of Ripken looks just like the ones from the first Prime cuts. I do think the Junior card is super sweet and would love to score that. I imagine this stuff is about 200 a box, Id be really mad and upset not scoring a card like the Girffey Jr in it for 200 bucks. Idk, I think the Prime Cuts series will be great, once you guys get it all worked out and solid.

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