Digital Underground: Panini America Offers 2016 Contenders Football a Digital Edge

January 07, 2017

Collectors feverishly ripping hobby packs of Panini America’s new 2016 Contenders Football¬†product should know this: Not all info cards randomly inserted into the product (you know, the promotional cards many collectors skim right past touting Panini Instant or the Panini Gridiron app) are created equally. In fact, one of those cards in every hobby box guarantees the holder a Gridiron Digital Contenders Rookie Ticket Gold Ink Signature virtual trading card.
Collectors holding those cards should download the Panini NFL Gridiron app (if you have’t already). Once you have it, simply go to Code.PaniniGridiron.Com and enter the access code that appears on the front of the “Congratulations!” card from the hobby box of 2016 Contenders Football. Once you do that and return to the Gridiron app, your new Gold Ink virtual card will be in your virtual album.

Since 2016 Contenders Football just released to the hobby yesterday, the quantities on most of the Gridiron Digital Contenders Rookie Ticket Gold Ink Signature virtual cards remain extremely limited at this point, as evidenced above by the card of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott limited to just five copies to date.
So as you continue to rip packs of 2016 Contenders Football over the next few days, weeks, be mindful that not all “promo cards” you thumb right past are created equally.