Donruss Elite WWE Packs Plenty of Power in Debut Release

January 23, 2024

There have been some incredible tag teams over the years, legendary pairings ranging from old-school Hall of Famers like The Wild Samoans to modern favorites like The New Day.

Of course, when you list all the great combinations, make sure you don’t skip over this incredible partnership: WWE and Panini America. Another incredible year kicks off with Panini Donruss Elite WWE.

This is the first year Panini presents Donruss Elite WWE, and just like the first WrestleMania is remembered as a legendary event, this debut will also go down in history.

There’s something in each box for every member of the WWE Universe. Whether you are a fan of elite Superstars like “The Head of the Table” Roman Reigns or of legends like The Rock, you can, on average, find two Autographs and 20 Inserts or Parallels per box, and it just might be one of your favorites.

Also be on the lookout for iconic on-card autograph sets, including Pen Pals and Passing the Torch Signatures, which hit like a devastating elbow off the top rope.

Look for a variety of stunning parallels as colorful as WWE’s cast of characters themselves, including Gold (numbered to 10), Black (numbered to 1) and the super short-printed Razzle Dazzle.

Find eye-popping inserts that cover all your favorite Superstars on Raw, SmackDown and NXT, including Spellbound, Title Waves, Powerhouse and more.

So maybe you root for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, or maybe you cheer on their rivals in The Bloodline. Perhaps you count down the days until the Royal Rumble every year and can recite the list of all the winners by heart. Maybe you enjoy this incredible generation of women’s Superstars, from Rhea Ripley to Charlotte Flair to Bianca Belair. Whatever you love, chances are, you’re going to find it in Panini Donruss Elite WWE. Buy yours today!

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