DROPPING FRIDAY (3/31) | 2022 Prizm NFL Football NFT Packs

March 24, 2023

PROGRAM NAME:  2022 Prizm NFL Football NFT Packs

RELEASE DATE:  Friday, March 31st at 10am (CST) exclusively at  Panini Direct

PRICE:  $10 per pack

CHECKLIST:   2022 Panini NFT Prizm FB Checklist

PACK DETAILS:  The 2022 Panini NFT Prizm Football Packs contain three NFTs per pack. Each pack guarantees: two Base NFTs(numbered to 799) and one Parallel, Insert or Autograph NFT(numbered to 99 or less).

SET CHALLENGES: Shortly after the program releases we will have set challenges go live. As long as the user has the complete set from each individual level below they will get the reward NFT after 30 days.

        • Base:  Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner
        • Base Silver:  Drake London
        • Base Purple Power:  Kenny Pickett
        • Base Navy Camo:  Garrett Wilson
        • Base Forest Camo:  Brock Purdy
      • Master Insert Challenge (Color Blast): Two weeks after the program releases we will begin a Color Blast Master Challenge. This Challenge will include 25 challenges, and users that collect the first 24 rewards will receive a Patrick Mahomes II Master Challenge Reward NFT.
      • Rainbow Challenges: Similar to the Master Insert Challenges we will have Rainbow Challenges that begin two weeks after the program launches. Sets will include Red Shimmer, Blue Shimmer, Gold Shimmer, Green Shimmer and Black Shimmer Parallels.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR THIS RELEASE:  For the first 72 Hours of this release pack purchases will be Buy-one-get-one-airdropped to you at a later date. This means if you purchase 10 packs you will get an additional 10 Panini NFT Prizm Football packs airdropped to your account after the sale has ended.

SPECIAL SECONDARY MARKET INCENTIVE:  For the first 30 days of this collection we will track all secondary market transactions and any users, up to the first 1500 users, that spend at least $500 or more on the secondary market purchasing 2022 Panini NFT Prizm Football NFTs will be airdropped a special 2022 Panini NFT Prizm Football White Sparkle Parallel Pack. These special White Sparkle Base NFTs will be minted to 8 copies each and packs will contain two White Sparkle NFTs per pack.

All information is accurate at the time of posting – content is subject to change.


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