DROPPING TOMORROW (11/8) | 2022 Prizm WNBA Basketball Premium Box Set

November 07, 2022

RELEASE DATE:  Tuesday, November 8th at 11am (CST) via Dutch Auction at the Panini Direct Store

PIS DOCUMENT:  22_WNBA_Prizm_Premium_Box_Set_PIS

DETAILS:  Did you love the Prizm WNBA Hobby boxes and need another fix? You’re in luck, the 2022 Prizm WNBA Premium Box Set is here! Collect this limited edition 201-card set, that includes 200 base cards (all numbered /99) and one exclusive autographed card numbered /10! There are only 99 of these sets produced, so grab one while supplies last, and be excited you got one!  Catch more details below, as well as a sneak preview of the product.


    • WNBA Prizm returns with a new lineup of rookies, stars and legends!
    • The 2022 Panini Prizm WNBA Premium Box Set contains 201 cards per set!
    • Look for a complete set of 200 premium base cards #’d /99, and one exclusive autograph card numbered /10 per box, on average!

*All information is accurate at the time of posting – content is subject to change.


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