Finding Sandcastle: Panini America Offers a 2013 Score Rookie Card Scavenger Hunt

April 28, 2013

Leon Sandcastle Score Rookie Card Front Blog

Panini America’s 2013 NFL Draft experience kicked off with a bang on Wednesday, beginning with our presence at the 2013 NFLPA Rookie Debut and ending with our huge announcement that Leon Sandcastle Rookie Cards and autographs were coming to 2013 Score Football and 2013 Prestige Football. We then kept the momentum rolling all weekend long be revealing, in real time, the 2013 Score Rookie Cards of 99 top draft picks.

We concluded our presence at 2013 NFL Draft weekend by awarding the 2012 Panini NFL Player of the Day grand prize yesterday, when New Jersey collector Frank Rosato spent a fun-filled afternoon with the New York Giants’ Prince Amukamara. We’ll have complete coverage of that special event on The Knight’s Lance tomorrow. Today, however, we present another image-intensive Scavenger Hunt in an effort to award one of five 2013 Score Football Sandcastle RCs.

Somewhere in the three galleries below, we’ve hidden three images of Sandcastle’s 2013 Score RC. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find those three hidden Sandcastle images and tell us — AS A COMMENT TO THIS POST — on which cards you found them.

We’ll wait to approve all comments until after the entry deadline, which is tomorrow, April 29, at 12 p.m. CST, so your comment will appear to you as “pending moderation.” That’s our way of protecting your answers to the Scavenger Hunt so that everyone else can’t see them. To that end, we kindly ask that you keep your Scavenger Hunt answers to yourself until after the deadline. We want to reward those folks who’ve taken the time and effort to find the two hidden images.

We’ll then place all correct entries into an online randomizer to select five winners: Each will receive the unique 2013 Score Sandcastle Rookie Card before it’s available in retail versions of 2013 Score Football next month.

Got all that? Thanks in advance for your participation. Here are your galleries. Remember, you’re looking for three Sandcastle Rookie Cards hidden among the three galleries below. Good luck.

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