Gallery: Panini America Rips Retail Versions of 2015 Stars & Stripes USA Baseball, Prizm

May 22, 2015

Panini America 2015 Retail Baseball Rip (1)

For any number of legitimate reasons, we spend a lot of time here on The Knight’s Lance showcasing the hobby side of our products. That’s not to say we look past their retail counterparts; we absolutely don’t. Our products are quite like our children: We love them all equally and we love them a lot. And today, we aim to prove it.

Earlier this morning, Clarke Ford, Panini America’s Retail Sales Director, presented me with a few retail boxes of 2015 Stars & Stripes USA Baseball and 2015 Prizm Baseball, two of our most recent baseball releases. I ripped them open in short order to present the Teaser Gallery that follows.

Many retail-oriented collectors have no doubt already discovered the appeal of these two products; for others, this may be the first time you’ve seen just some of the differences between the retail and hobby versions. Either way, enjoy the gallery and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for continued coverage.