Get your Kicks (and Limited Edition Cards, too) Through Legendary Collab

June 14, 2024


Cue the trumpets and get those shoehorns ready. Panini America and Reebok recently announced their second collaboration on a footwear, apparel and trading card venture. After previously connecting for an alley-oop dunk with Allen Iverson, the two iconic companies are now hitting the turf with a collection inspired by Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith.

Both Panini and Reebok have long histories with the Dallas Cowboys’ legend, and this cooperative effort takes things to the next level. The collection is headlined by three pairs of eye-catching sneakers that are inspired by Panini’s ever-popular Prizm line of trading cards.

There are two colorways of the Preseason 94 Low shoes available: Purple Prizm and Gold Prizm. Both feature a striking color scheme with ample nods to Prizm cards, all on top of the classic Reebok trainer.

The scene-stealer, however, is the ES22 Color Blast. Emmitt’s signature Reebok training shoe gets a Panini makeover, complete with a midsole that’s been sprinkled with color, a custom Color Blast sock liner and a Reebok logo that’s been given a multicolored bath, one that any collector will easily recognize.

Speaking of collectors, they will go crazy when they hear this next part. Every pair of the ES22 Color Blast will come with a limited-edition Panini x Reebok Prizm trading card featuring Emmitt Smith himself.

These aren’t some throw-in pieces of paper. These are top-of-the-line cards that can be the centerpiece of any collection. A complete checklist of these must-have cards can be found below.

Whether you strap up and wear these limited-edition shoes, or proudly display them as collectibles, they’ll undoubtedly be worth your while.

Celebrate a legendary collab between Panini America, Reebok and Emmitt Smith by picking up a pair!

Limited-edition card checklist:

Base Royal Blue Reebok Shimmer Numbered to: 249
Brilliance Royal Blue Reebok Shimmer 249
Base Blue Reebok Shimmer 199
Brilliance Blue Reebok Shimmer 199
Base Silver Reebok Shimmer 149
Brilliance Silver Reebok Shimmer 149
Base Cardinal Reebok Shimmer 122
Brilliance Cardinal Reebok Shimmer 122
Base Yellow Reebok Shimmer 99
Brilliance Yellow Reebok Shimmer 99
Base Tiger Stripe Blue None
Brilliance Tiger Stripe Blue None
Base Camo None
Brilliance Camo None
Base Blue and Silver Checker 75
Brilliance Blue and Silver Checker 75
Base Red White Blue 50
Brilliance Red White Blue 50
Base Nebula 25
Brilliance Nebula 25
Base Black Gold 15
Brilliance Black Gold 15
Base Gold 10
Brilliance Gold 10
Base Gold Vinyl 1
Brilliance Gold Vinyl 1
Color Blast None
Reebok Silver None
Magna None