Get Your Kicks, Stars and Rookies with Panini’s NBA Sticker and Card Collection

January 02, 2024

Written by: Kara Gates

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for — the 2023-24 NBA Sticker and Card Collection is finally here. Get ready to peel back the layers of your favorite basketball superstars and rookies, from reigning NBA champion Nikola Jokić to the top picks in the draft. With 514 stickers (including 100 special foil stickers), your favorite megastars and retired legends are ready to be immortalized in your very own sticker album.

Relive the memories of the 2023 NBA Finals, when the Nuggets took down the Heat to secure the first title in franchise history. The two-page championship spread includes recaps of each of the five nail-biting games and a special focus on Jokić’s first Finals MVP honor. Collect all the 2023 Finals stickers to fully celebrate the historic victory.

You’ll also get a special look at some of the coolest kicks in the league with the two-page Sneaker Stars spread, from Luka Dončić’s fresh mint, purple and pink pair to LeBron James’s snazzy tiger-stripe sneaks. The stickers are so cool you’ll likely want to put them on your own feet, but it’s best to stick them in the album where they belong.

Speaking of belonging, the Global Icons spread features the best hoopers from around the world. They may be living it up stateside now, but they’ll always hold onto their roots. Match up the Frenchmen, Serbians, Cameroonians and more with their rightful spots to get two full pages of talent from all over the globe.

You can even collect the first stickers of the most impactful rookies selected in the 2023 NBA Draft. The rookie spread showcases 20 of the top draft picks and is sure to be a hot commodity once the youngsters find their footing in the league. Some of them already have. Scoot Henderson, Amen and Ausar Thompson are carving their names into the NBA, so you’d better collect their stickers while you still have the chance.

Once you’re finished carefully placing players from each of the NBA’s 30 teams in their respective spots, you’ll even be able to pay tribute to the league’s retired legends with two full pages of the sensations who left their lofty marks on the hardwood. Stick Dirk Nowitzki, Hakeem Olajuwon, Pau Gasol and more in your Legends spread to commemorate their lifetime of hard work and complete your album.

If for some reason stickers aren’t enough to get you excited about the collection, then you’re in luck: As a bonus, there are also trading cards up for grabs. Each packet in the collection includes five stickers and one card, so you’re guaranteed to have plenty of options at your disposal. The 100-card collection includes 70 of the NBA’s top veterans and 20 of the best rookies, with Victor Wembanyama, Miller, Henderson and the Thompson siblings all having special photo variations cards as well. Superstars Giannis Antetokounmpo, Stephen Curry, James and Dončić also have photo variations cards, so keep your eye out for those.

No matter who piques your hoops interest, whether it’s current superstars, budding rookies or retired legends with immortal legacies, Panini’s 2023-24 NBA Sticker and Card Collection will have you covered. You’ll feel like part of the team as you complete one of this year’s hottest hoops releases. Time to get stickin’.