Golden Oldie: Panini America Remembers the Day Golden Tate Covered Taylor Swift

September 25, 2012

Did Golden Tate, the Seattle Seahawks’ sometimes-provocative third-year receiver, catch the game-winning pass from Russell Wilson Monday night against Green Bay? Or were the Seahawks simply the lucky recipients of Tate’s tenacity and questionable officiating?

No matter your perspective, Tate’s role in one of the most delicious football controversies of the Twitter era, like the man himself, simply can’t be overstated.

But all of us here at Panini America can say we knew Tate way back when. Indeed, long before Tate was breaking hearts in Wisconsin, he was attempting to steal them with his truly unique rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” for Panini America’s cameras during the 2010 NFLPA Rookie Premiere.

In case you missed it, we figured now would be an ideal time to revisit. Enjoy.