Golden Touch: Ohio Collector Strikes It Rich with 2010-11 Gold Standard Basketball

September 26, 2011

Editor’s Note: Ohio collector Nick Gauder enjoyed an extraordinarily run of good fortune with 2010-11 Gold Standard Basketball recently. This is his story.

I really love 2010-11 Gold Standard Basketball and think it’s one of the nicest and most beautifully designed products Panini America has ever put out. And I would think that even if I hadn’t pulled what I pulled out of two particular boxes from Sports Cards Plus in Columbus, Ohio.

My daughters and I have busted 10 or 11 boxes since the product released and while I know that might not be a lot compared to some people, for a single dad raising two pre-teen daughters, that’s a lot. I know I probably spend too much money on my cards but I make sure my kids are taken care of and my bills are paid first and then whatever’s left over is for my cards. My kids are spoiled and get whatever they want, so shouldn’t Dad get his box or two or three every weekend?

A lot of great pulls from Gold Standard Basketball have come out of Sports Cards Plus but nothing as good as the two I pulled recently. First I pulled the Golden Ticket to meet Kobe Bryant and a few days later I pulled the redemption for the Solid Gold card of Steve Nash.


Initially I was unsure of whether to sell the Nash, but I ended up getting $1,148 for it. Not bad considering that I paid $180 for the box it came from. As for the Golden Ticket, I keep getting people bugging me to sell them my Golden Ticket. In fact, I had a fellow customer at Sports Cards Plus offer me $20,000 cash for it right then and there. Can you believe that?

I told him “no thanks” because as much as me and the girls could use the money, meeting Kobe is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what I pulled. I love Gold Standard and I can’t wait for it to come out in football.