Green & Gold: The Big-Money Appeal of Two New Panini America NBA Chase Sets

Green's the color of cash. Gold's the color of, well, gold. Monetarily speaking, both tints tend to illicit thoughts of bling . . . of bank . . . of big bucks. And in the case of two coveted new Panini America NBA parallel sets, those heavenly hues are making waves and wads of cash on the secondary market.

Panini America Green Gold Main
Green’s the color of cash. Gold’s the color of, well, gold. Monetarily speaking, both tints tend to illicit thoughts of bling . . . of bank . . . of big bucks. And in the case of two coveted new Panini America parallel sets, those heavenly hues are making waves and wads of cash on the secondary market.
There are no autographs on these particular cards; no pieces of memorabilia embedded in them. At play here instead is a cash-flush combination of rarity, printing wizardry, intrepid designs and eye-popping pigments that makes those selling the cards lots of green — and those who wish they were green with envy. They’re the Gold Prizm parallels in 2012-13 Prizm Basketball and the Totally Green parallels in 2012-13 Totally Certified Basketball.

“We’re excited about the interest collectors have in both the Totally Green parallels and the Gold Prizms,” said David Porter, Panini America’s NBA Brand Director. “We have worked hard to develop extra content and value outside of the autographs and memorabilia cards promised in our programs. Whether it’s scarcity or unique technologies, we’re always working hard to discover additional content for our products — and we really appreciate the excitement of collectors when they discover it.”
The numbered-to-five, new-year Totally Greens hit the market two weeks ago, signaling the welcome return of the wildly popular parallel set that ignited a feeding frenzy in 2010-11 Totally Certified Basketball. In the first few weeks since release, the 2012-13 versions have been chart-topping, secondary-market moneymakers.
The first Anthony Davis sold for $600. An Andre Drummond went for $300. Jeremy LinSteve Nash and Kevin Garnett all eclipsed the $150 barrier, and the likes of Iman Shumpert, Nicholas Batum and Paul George surpassed $100.
In addition, the first Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving 2012-13 Totally Certified Totally Green parallels have surfaced on eBay and are sitting at $142.50 and $125.38, respectively, with still more than four days remaining. Stay tuned to these auctions as things could get crazy. Totally crazy.
(Of course, we could also mention Durant’s 2012-13 Totally Certified Totally Green prime memorabilia card that sold for more than $1,300, but that’s a story for another time.)
To say that Panini America struck gold with last week’s release of 2012-13 Prizm Basketball might be something of an understatement. And nowhere is that product’s success more evident than in the numbered-to-10 Gold Prizms, which have collectors striking it rich all over the country.
The first Kobe Bryant Gold Prizm to hit the open market sold for $400. Four days later, the second one sold for $1,000. A Davis changed hands for $550 while Lin ($406), Shumpert ($210), Ricky Rubio ($200) and Scottie Pippen ($185) also registered pause-causing totals.
But the price of Gold is about to go up. Way up. A Gold Prizm version of LeBron James’ USA Basketball insert recently surfaced on eBay and, as of right now, is sitting pretty at $1,009.99 on the strength of five bids — and there’s still almost five days remaining in the auction. Meanwhile, one of James’ Finalists Gold Prizms already has surpassed the $130 mark with more than four days remaining.
“Parallels are tricky, especially when it comes to the basketball market,” said Keith Hower, Panini America’s NBA Brand Manager. “Totally Certified is the rare brand where parallels drive the product, and with the technology used in Prizm, there is a direct link to a successful parallel program. We played on these market paradigms and are happy to see it translate into extraordinary secondary market value.”
We’ll continue to monitor the activity on these cards in the coming weeks. But in the name of daydreaming part of your Wednesday away, here’s a gallery of some of the juiciest Totally Greens and Gold Prizms.


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  1. I am curious and pardon me if I missed this information in the post. Is this product produced in limited quantity? This looks stellar. For some reason ( Apart from the sexy look of the 2012-13 Panini cards) I am drawn to open up this product. I have a box on order and will enjoy busting it. I hope I get me some of that new shiny materials!!!

    1. Glad you like it. These two particular inserts are limited to 5 and 10, respectively. But the two products they’re in — 2012-13 Totally Certified and 2012-13 Prizm — aren’t extremely limited. Short enough to maintain long-term collectiblity, available enough to be, well, available. Until it dries up, that is. 🙂

  2. Some great looking cards. So far a very, very strong start to the Panini NBA card season as sales have shown.

  3. Excellent coverage of the market trends on these parallels, I can attest to their rarity as I attended a card show this past weekend and there was not a single one in the room. Thanks Tracy!

  4. Perfect one two punch combo released of this very sought out products… they actually look so much better in person. The pictures looks spectacular but its really nothing compared once you have them in your hands. I cannot over emphasized but with the collectors I have talk to. The Prizm brought them back to basketball again. That Prizm alone change so many collectors minds about Panini! So congratulations David, Keith, And Tracy Hacker plus staff for a very positive returns on it.
    Since you knock the market out of them two combos. It would be nice also to Have some Manny Pacquiao autos inseted .
    Just one to place that in. Watch the Fight this Saturday.

  5. Way to put the cha-cha-cha back in “chase” cards with cha-ching!
    It’s wonderful to see non-auto non-mem’ cards attract such secondary market attention.

  6. Being a BIG Michigan State fan- I appreciate you guys showing hometown hero: Draymond Green! I just need to figure out a way how I can get low #d inserts of him;) Keep up the great work Panini!

  7. Hey Tracy, great work with the promotion of some wonderful cards. Unfortunately, things arent always going to be as they seem. For example, I was bidding on the Lin Jersey numbered Gold Prizm (7/10), and I was worried that schill bidding may have been involved.
    Also, with that Durant that went for $1300, the winner has zero feedback.
    I apologise if I offend anyone (particularly the sellers), but Ive been ebaying for too long to take all sales at face-value, something you should keep in mind when lauding sales figures.
    Cheers, Euge.

    1. I was the seller of the Jeremy Lin Gold 07/10 card. That item was not shilled. I have never, nor would I ever shill any item I am selling. I have one and only one eBay account and I do not discuss or encourage anyone to bid on my items.
      In the case of the Jeremy Lin card the buyer has made his feedback private. I have no idea who this person is other than they have purchased this card from me and I can see their name and address in the transaction details. I allow all buyers 14 days to pay and can extend that upon buyer request. If this buyer does not pay for the item, I will gladly say who the buyer is and they will be blocked from all future transactions with me. But until then, this transaction is between myself and this buyer. I assume everyone is first and foremost trustworthy, and this buyer will have the 14 days to make payment. I will not drag this buyer into a shilling argument while they are still in contract with me to buy a card from me. Once the buyer pays, I will leave feedback for the transaction.
      I know what it’s like to be a buyer of sports cards. Sometimes it’s not a trustworthy hobby, particularly on eBay. I started collecting in 1986 when I was 15. I was an off and on buyer on eBay since 1998. I sold my first card on eBay in 2010 and I loved it. Since then I discovered there is a good market for Panini NBA products. I had success opening and selling cards, so I decided to start a business opening primarily Panini’s NBA products and selling them on eBay. I take this business very seriously. I treat buyers the same way I want to be treated: cool cards, fair prices, safe shipping, no games, no tricks, no scams. Every single decision that is made in my card business is made by me, and I never take shortcuts. If it takes a little longer to pack a lot of cards safely, then I do it. If I need to pay an extra $0.17 for shipping so the buyer doesn’t get stuck with payment due on shipping then I pay it. I accept full returns and I pay return shipping if I overlook a flaw in the card(s). I offer free combined shipping on additional cards, and I allow 14 days for buyers to make payment. I ship worldwide. I have buyers that are waiting for me to open the next Panini NBA products because they desire the cards and they trust my service.
      This is a small side business for me. My business could be crushed if buyers suddenly stopped buying from me because they think I’m shilling. If that happens, the market would be less one seller who does NOT shill. But that is out of my control. The only thing I can control is what I do. And with every single decision I make in this business, I try to be honest, open minded, fair and trusting of all people. If someone scams me, I simply block them and move on. I do not focus on the negative in this hobby, I always try to focus on the positive. Because in my experience, the great majority of buyers are honest and trustworthy, they just want cool cards for fair prices and good service. That is exactly what I try to give them. Nothing less.
      If anyone has any questions for me about my sales and/or listings, I would be more than happy to discuss them with you. I can be reached on eBay, ID: alexlazarevich*cardboardaddict.
      Alex Lazarevich

      1. And I also thank you Alex, I repeat what I said previously in saying that I didnt mean to offend either seller of the 2 cards I mentioned. Thank you for explaining your position and for also making it clear that you are aware of the dishonesty that is involved in collecting. And thank you also Tracy Hackler for putting these posts up, transparency increases confidence in our hobby.
        Now, to hear back from the Davis seller, then we can solidify/verify the sales figures of the OP.
        We the collector hate being schilled and scammed. PRAISE to honest sellers like Alex Lazarevich.

    1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing. That is insane. Tremendous pull. Congratulations. What are you going to do with it? Where does that rank in your “big pull” history? Must . . . have . . . details!

      1. Might hold into it for a while Tracy. Yes for 2012, it is by far my biggest hit. Thanks to you guys your products are great.

  8. I would like to say MAHALO to “Alex L” for his most excellent business and his honest dealings. I wish all sellers on ebay were as honest as he is but they are not. I have done business with Alex on a number of transactions and was curious to know who posted the detailed shill reply post while reading. I realized Alex’s ebay id instantly and have NEVER witnessed any shill bidding NEVER! I have been on ebay with 100% feedback since day one for 7 year’s this past June. I have been involved in this industry going back a number of years. I speak from experience ALEX IS AN ASSET TO EBAY!

  9. I posted a different response on the blog then what was moderated and posted. Why did my original post get edited Tracy?

  10. Holy yes!!! First box Ive bought in a decade and just pulled the 1/10 Kobe gold prizm finalist!!! Easily the most beautiful card Ive ever seen. Beautiful gold Prizms, take me back to when card collecting was fun!! Does the fact that its #1 make it more sought after?

    1. That is FANTASTIC, Serj! Congratulations on such a phenomenal pull — and welcome back. For many collectors, the fact that it’s #’d 1/10 would make that card more sought after than most of the other sequential numbers. If you get a chance, share a pic of that bad boy.

  11. I was excited to break this product. I busted my first case today and what a let down it was.
    I hit 0(zero) gold. The Michael Kidd-Gilchrist auto was my best card.
    Hey I love it and am buying singles but if your going to push the gold so much at least make sure each case has one b/c it just felt like a kick in the junk.
    I am going to bust the other case 2moro. I hope its better but if its this bad I am selling the other 4 cases I have. I can’t justify 1400$ for 100$ in RC autos and 0 gold prizms.
    ANYWAYS I love the product which is why I think I am taking this so hard.

      1. Second case was worse….I did not think that could happen but it was worse.
        23 autos and 0 gold.
        Guys I LOVE this product but again make sure if you do this next year you put 1 gold per case.
        Again great job on this product it looks great and I am sticking to singles.

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