12 Replies to “Happy Holidays: A Special Message from the Panini America Family and Kobe Bryant”

  1. Happy Holidays to everyone at Panini. And def to Tracy!! What an awesome guy!
    Also to everyone who comments on here. And to Kobe Bryant as well. Cant forget him.

  2. Man i cant wait to for my meet and greet with Kobe!!!!!! He seems like such a cool guy! Happy Holidays to all of you guys at Panini and thanks for putting out the BEST cards for us collectors and for always keeping us updated on here. All of your hard work is much appreciated by me and my daughters and everybody else in collecting world. Merry Christmas!

  3. PIE -nini??? You mean I’ve been saying it wrong all this time?? I was always saying PA -nini!!LOL!! Season’s Tidings to all!!

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