Immaculate Move: All On-Card Autos Signed on Acetate in 2018 Immaculate Football

August 29, 2018

Panini America 2018 Immaculate Football Main

You could say that Panini America had an ace(tate) up its sleeve when it came to conceptualizing 2018 Immaculate Football. A perennial powerbroker on the pigskin landscape, Immaculate Football has long made a name for itself by producing some of the most desirable hard-signed autograph cards on the market. But for 2018, the bar is being raised. For the first time, all on-card autographs in 2018 Immaculate Football will be signed on acetate card stock.

That bold move is as much a testament to the popularity of ink-graced acetate as it is to Panini America’s desire to continue pushing the envelope with a product that’s pushed quite a lot of envelopes already. Set to arrive in hobby shops across North America in early November, each hobby box of 2018 Immaculate Football (six cards per box, six boxes per case) will deliver, on average, five autograph or memorabilia cards and one base or parallel card.

Aside from the all-hard-signed-on-acetate development, 2018 Immaculate Football is brimming with additional highlights . . .

  • Rookie Patch Autographs are numbered to 99 or less and are paralleled by Gold (numbered to 25 or less), and Platinum Tag and NFL Shield 1/1 versions.
  • A 100-card base set numbered to 99 with Gold (numbered to five) and Platinum 1/1 parallels.
  • Immaculate Duals and Trios Autographs matching up the NFL’s best players; numbered to 10 or less.
  • On-card autographs numbered to 25 or less in the Immaculate Ring Signatures, Immaculate Moments Autographs, Immaculate Seasons Signatures, Immaculate Postseasons Signatures and Immaculate Honors.
  • Hard-signed memorabilia inserts in 2018 Immaculate Football include the calling-card Rookie Patch Autographs, Immaculate Signature Patches, Premium Patches Autographs, Immaculate Players Collection Autographs and more.
  • More jumbo memorabilia cards featuring swatches from Team Logos, Jersey Numbers, Laundry Tags and the all new Immaculate Shields insert.
  • New on-card-signed inserts include Immaculate HOF Signatures, Immaculate Careers and Immaculate Records.
  • New for 2018 are Immaculate Eye Black Jersey cards featuring retired, veteran and rookie players and containing signed eye-black pieces and a jersey patch. Look for rare Gold Ink parallels numbered as low as one.
  • Immaculate Dual NFL Shields features 60 spectacular pairings flanked by full-size NFL Shields, all numbered 1/1. Look for key pairings like Odell Beckham Jr./Saquon Barkley, Larry Fitzgerald/Josh RosenVon Miller/Bradley Chubb, Cam Newton/D.J. MooreJoe Montana/Jimmy Garoppolo and many more.

Stay tuned for additional information on 2018 Immaculate Football as the release date draws near. For now, though, here’s early look:
All information is accurate at the time of posting – content is subject to change and approval. Card images are solely for the purpose of design display. Actual images used on cards to be determined.