Ink Colors Inject Chase to Panini America’s 2012 Elite Football Inscriptions Insert

July 03, 2012

Outside of Panini America’s ballyhooed Rated Rookie T-shirts that debuted¬†during the 2012 NFLPA Rookie Premiere in late May, the biggest revelation from that weekend likely was the bombshell announcement that beloved acetate card stock would be making a triumphant return in the 2012 Elite Football Inscriptions insert.

The sports collecting Twitterverse seemed to erupt with approval following each Inscriptions sneak peek in the days following the Premiere. And in the weeks since, that anticipation has continued to build. Now comes this little nugget to fan the flames even more: There are ink-color variations within Inscriptions that will add multiple levels of scarcity and chase to 2012 Elite Football when it arrives on July 25.

It’s worth noting that not all of the 34 players on the Inscriptions checklist signed using all four possible ink-color variations (red, blue, green and black), but most used at least three different colors. Variations range in quantity from two copies of a particular color to as many as 196.

We’ll have the complete checklist and quantity breakdown in the coming weeks as the release date draws closer. But the following gallery should provide a substantial appetite-whetting tease of what’s to come.