It’s Gotta Be the Shoes: Taking a Long Look at a Monster Pair of Blake Griffin Sneakers

January 31, 2012

It didn’t take long for Blake Griffin’s latest “Dunk Heard ‘Round the World” — over gargantuan Kendrick Perkins last night in the Clippers’ 112-100 victory over Oklahoma City — to gain instant-classic status, what with the likes of LeBron James, Larry Fitzgerald and Terrell Owens taking to Twitter to pay tribute.

Today, it’s virtually impossible to turn on any sports highlight show in America — and probably the world — and not see the slam over and over again — and be mesmerized every . . . single . . . time.

To be sure, the dunk will make its way to a Panini America NBA trading card in the future, at which time we can revisit Griffin’s greatness one more time. But this particular post isn’t about one spectacular dunk. It’s about one spectacular pair of shoes worn by Griffin during another monumental performance from this season — the Clippers’ 102-94 victory over the Lakers on January 14, a game that saw Griffin score 22 points and grab 14 rebounds.

Panini Authentic’s Brian Bayne was inside Staples Center that night, watching Panini America exclusive athletes Griffin and Kobe Bryant do battle. When the game ended, Bayne took possession of Griffin’s just-worn prized size-17 shoes, and soon enough they’ll make their way to the Panini Authentic website.

But before that could happen, Bayne wanted to put the massive shoes in proper perspective — so he photographed them in relation to a standard trading card, albeit one autographed by Griffin himself. Enjoy this sneaker peek and stay tuned to Panini Authentic for more information.