Knotty and Nice: Honoring Panini America’s 2012-13 Prime Hockey Prime Ties Insert

Yesterday's market-buzzing U.S. release of Panini America's already-sold-out 2012-13 Prime Hockey carried with it 87 of the most welcome redemption cards ever produced, the ones that can be instantly redeemed for some of the most unique game-worn trading cards ever produced.

Panini America 2012-13 Prime Hockey Prime Ties Gallery (16)

Yesterday’s market-buzzing U.S. release of Panini America’s already-sold-out 2012-13 Prime Hockey carried with it 87 of the most welcome redemption cards ever produced, the ones that can be instantly redeemed for some of the most unique game-worn trading cards ever produced.

They hail from the Prime Ties insert, the spectacular encore to last season’s stunning innovation that popular Yahoo Sports blog Puck Daddy called “among the coolest hockey cards ever.” One look at these one-of-a-kind masterpieces and you’ll no doubt agree.

But before we provide the world-premiere gallery showcasing every card in the 2012-13 Prime Hockey Prime Ties insert, it’s probably worth revisiting what I wrote about last year’s debut of the revolutionary memorabilia cards featuring game- and event-worn jersey lace-ups, After all, the same sentiment still applies almost one year later:

“I have a confession to make: When I first laid eyes on the overwhelmingly unique Prime Ties insert cards from the new 2011-12 Prime Hockey, I was speechless, my tongue tied and twisted in knots like the laces I was looking at. Words alone can’t do these gems justice. Simply, these are some of the coolest hockey cards I’ve ever seen. Obviously, these ties to die for won’t fit in a Prime box; but they are ready to go and will be issued via redemption cards as soon as they’re entered into the Panini America redemption system.

“The truth of the matter is that I would say that about these cards even if I didn’t work here. But luckily, I do. And as a result, I was able to secure images of every card in the set — before they started making their way out to collectors earlier this week — for the following Panini America Drool Gallery.”

Fast forward 11-plus months and here we are once again, anxious to get every last card from Prime Ties’ fabulous 2012-13 encore into the waiting hands of collectors across North America. Until we do, however, here’s a first look at what are, without question, among the coolest cards we’ve ever seen. Enjoy.


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  1. Can’t get much cooler. I’m worried my wife is going to raid the Paypal account once the Patrick Sharp surfaces.

  2. Tracy and the team, I had to bust a box as soon as it released and it didn’t disappoint. Way to follow up what was a great product last year! Hope to be lucky enough to pull one of these beauties.

  3. These are some of the best game used cards I’ve ever laid my eyes on! The knotting of the lace adds a nice touch. I really like the idea of these cards even if it takes a redemption to pull some of these cards. Tracy, I sent you an email on Prime. Great job Panini because these cards deserve recognition!

  4. Haha, knotty & nice. I love it!

    Busted 6 cases so far but haven’t got one of these yet. Doing 4 more breaks Monday so maybe one of our customers will get lucky!

  5. I love the look of these, no Habs players for me to chase but If I did manage to hit one it would be a corner piece to my collection no matter what team it was.

  6. I think next year you guys should try to do a book card version that’s autographed. That would make it even more amazing haha They look incredible like always. Hockey team never ceases to amaze me. Hockey is in good hands with you guys at Panini. Count me in on busting some cases. One question, Any Crosby or Malkin Prime ties? Seen Neal and Fleury, but didnt know if this was the whole set run down? Congrats on another great year Guys!!

  7. No Prime Ties for this gal, BUT – I was just as excited to get a Prime Laces of Dan Girardi – very cool cards!

  8. A question about these – do you guys do up the ties yourselves in a certain fashion, or do you just cut out the pieces from the jerseys as you receive them from the teams? There’s a lot of different styles there and it’d just be an extra cherry or two on top if they all retain the player’s original custom tie-job.

  9. Really Amazing cards. Is there any chance that in the future we’ll see the same in basketball and football ? Great work Tracy !!!

  10. I just pulled the Chay Genoway redemption and as a University of North Dakota hockey fan, it was the perfect one for me to pull (apart from one of my Penguins, of course). The card looks PHENOMENAL and I can’t wait to get it in the mail. It’s easily one of the best pulls I’ve ever gotten. Thanks for such a great product!

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