Larger than Life: Shaquille O’Neal Comes Up Big During 2017 NBA Player of the Day Event

October 10, 2017

Shaq POD Main

On the court or in your living room, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is all about making an impression. He always has been, really — at least since he first stepped those mammoth size-22 feet into the NBA. Simply, from his size to his personality to his smile, Shaq is larger than life. He was that way on the court in a Hall of Fame career during which O’Neal earned four NBA titles (including three Finals MVP nods), 15 NBA All-Star appearances, and league MVP (1999-2000) and Rookie of the Year (1992-93) honors.

More than five years after retirement, O’Neal continues making memories for anyone lucky enough to spend time with him. Certainly that was the case last Thursday night in Laguna Hills, Calif., when O’Neal created an evening full of never-forget moments for 15-year-old collector Bryce McMahon, his family, friends and loyal customers of MVP Sports Cards during the spectacular 2017 Panini NBA Player of the Day grand prize event.

From start to finish, O’Neal was at his entertaining, engaging best. Whether he was going one-on-one with Bryce, playing videogames with Bryce’s family and friends, sitting down for a revealing Q&A with everyone, holding babies, taking selfies, kissing Grandma on the cheek or signing her dashboard, Shaq delivered a Player of the Day performance for the ages.

And all of that makes the following video and gallery recapping the event must-see stuff. Enjoy.