My Favorite Panini America Football Card Is . . . (Tell Us and You Could Win!)

What's the favorite Panini America Football card in your collection? You've got to have an answer to that question, right? It's a pretty simple one. So tell us -- in 150 words or less in the comments section of this blog post -- what yours is and you could win one of the sweet 2010 Crown Royale Football cards you see above. Yes, even the Eli Manning autograph numbered out of 15.

What’s the favorite Panini America Football card in your collection? You’ve got to have an answer to that question, right? It’s a pretty simple one. So tell us what yours is and you could win one of the sweet 2010 Crown Royale Football cards you see above. Yes, even the Eli Manning autograph numbered out of 15.

In 150 words or less (either in the comments section of this blog post or on our Facebook page), simply tell us what your favorite Panini America Football card of all time is and why. The better the story, well, the better. It could be a card you’ve acquired in the almost two years since Panini acquired Donruss to become Panini America. It could be one that originated from Panini America’s hallowed history of pigskin brands.

The only real criteria is that you still have the card in your collection and that you’re still passionate about it. We’ll pore over the entries some time in the next few weeks and select some winners to win perhaps some new favorite Panini America Football cards.

It’s that simple. So, what’s your favorite Panini America Football card?


72 Replies to “My Favorite Panini America Football Card Is . . . (Tell Us and You Could Win!)”

  1. I currently do not own any Panini fb cards yet. Been unemployed for 11 months now so cards have taken a back seat to life. I like the design, so if there is a Peyton auto, that would be my favorite! Thanks for the contest, hope i am eligible!

  2. My favorite Panini football card is an Aaron Hernandez serial numbered rookie card that my son and I pulled this fall. As Pats fans it was especially neat and now watching him explode in his rookie season has been great. I collected as a kid and now passing this amazing hobby to another generation is pretty cool. Seeing his face when we pulled that Hernandez was priceless and it’s our favorite card in our collection.

  3. Being a Tyson Jackson collector, of course my favorite card will be one of his from the set that shows the best design that Panini America has to offer. That, IMO, is National Treasures. At first, getting a couple NT cards for my collection was a must. Now, it’s become near an obsession. I went from trying to acquire 25% of the print run of the Colossal Brand Logos (4 rounded up), to wanting to complete the entire print run. I have 3 in hand and lines on 3 others. The first one in my collection, #3/15, was my first Reebok or for that matter, any other brand logo to cross my hands. Since then, I’ve added 10/15 and 13/15 and have located 2, 7, and 15/15 which will soon be mine. So, National Treasures, Tyson Jackson, Card 23, Colossal Brand Logos is my favorite card.

  4. [IMG][/IMG]

    The above is a link to my favorite Panini card.It isn’t particularily valuable,nor is it of a player that collectors drool over,but Danny White is my all time favorite player.I must also add that my brother Jimmy pulled this particular card,and gave it to me 2 months prior to his death. This card will always be in my collection.

  5. Mine is my 2010 National Tresures Joe Namath Logo Auto with the Alabama logo. Dont see to many of these around and the Autograpgh looks perfect . I got the chance to meet Joe Namath at the Airport when I was returning home overseas when I was in the Army , so that makes it so much better knowing I know him as a person and have an autograph .

  6. My favorite Panini card I pulled is an 09/10 Panini Studio Kobe Bryant Masterstrokes auto #’d to 99. Not a huge Kobe fan, so I traded it off for a couple Peyton autos. Below is a link to the Kobe.


  7. my favorite panini card is a matthew stafford limited patch autograph. as a long time lions fan, i knew once stafford was drafted i would want to pick up one of his cards, but they were going for out of my price point. i luckily was able to trade for this card, which is a nice 4 color patch. it will stay in my collection for a long time, as it is one of the nicest stafford cards i have seen.

  8. mine is the dez bryant certified freshmen fabrics mirrors , i want that card , i lke the certifieds and the crown royale .

  9. My favorite Panini Football card is the Jimmy Clausen Die Cuts Rookie Autograph I just pulled this weekend. It is my favorite first of all because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the design of these cards and think it is the best set to come out in a long time. The second reason its my fav is because I won the pack I pulled it from at my Fav LCS in a contest. I love the card so much that I have already picked up another Rookie Die Cut and now want to go for the set.

  10. How many times have we picked a pack of cards or a box and hoped to pull one particular card? Or maybe one of a couple that you know are in the set…

    Well this brings me to my current favorite card.

    2010 Panini Classics Football Hall of Fame Signatures #2 JERRY RICE !!

    I bought a box of Classics and was hoping for an Aaron Rodgers Auto or maybe the Jerry Rice…one 49er from the ’80s I do not have an Auto for.

    And when I opened the pack, pulled the redemption, said to myself…LET IT BE RICE… I looked it up and couldn’t believe it. Not only a Rice Auto, but one from his HOF induction year!! Love it!

    Still waiting for the redemption to arrive, but I can’t wait.

  11. my favorite football card is my walter peyton cut auto #d yo 25 i got from this years classics. even if i don’t win the contest i still win with panini cards.

  12. My Favorite card is the 10 Panini R&S Longevity Ryan Matthews Freshman Orientation Jersey card Serial Numbered to 249 I pulled a couple weeks ago 🙂 By far its my favorite one of all 😀

  13. My favorite has to be the one I pulled this season out of Panini Donruss Classics football….Ndamukong Suh 1/25 significant signatures card number 176……I will explain why it is my favorite every season I buy a lot of football cards as well as other sports but I always end up getting that no name rookie as my big hit and most of the time they never pan out but this year it was different the number 2 draft pick and a beauty of a card it is numbered 1 the first one made the signature is immaculate as well as the card not a single flaw it certainly made me one happy customer………sometimes we wait a long time to pull that big hit and I can say it makes it all worth it when we do………..Thank You

  14. I’m a member of’s fan forum, and back in November of 2009 the forum had a contest. The forum members who had the most posts won. I ended up in 2nd place and won a 2007 Donruss Gridiron Gear Frank Gore 3 Color GAME USED Jersey #24/50. I worked my tail off for that card. I’m not one to just throw meaningless posts up on a forum, so for over a month I tapped into my creative side and went to town making posts, jokes, and replying to other comments. By the time the contest was over, I was spent. Of course I was disappointed at getting 2nd place, but I think I probably ended up with the best prize. That Frank Gore card is now the cornerstone of my football collection. And by the way, thank you, Pannini for being an awesome sponsor of

  15. I think my favorite Panini America product was out of 2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars. I was around 17 or 18 at the time and had bought a 2000 Playoff Contenders Danny Farmer RC Auto at a local card show. Well they could not fulfill the card and because of Playoff’s/Panini’s amazing customer service they actually sent you a inventory sheet and allowed you to pick out either a single card or boxes from that sheet. I chose one box of 2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars football my first real expensive box of sports cards at the time. As I opened it I pulled some neat cards like a Travis Minor or Chris Chambers Freshman Orientation Jersey card and a Tiki Barber Jersey card. And at that point, I felt my luck had run out. Then all of the sudden I see this rookie card staring back at me with some ink. I turn it around it was a 2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars L. Tomlinson Rookie Autograph. I had never pulled anything that amazing in my life and was excited because I had just really gotten into collecting. I would gladly take that one care over the Danny Farmer that never came in the mail. Which is one of the main reasons I love Panini.

  16. Being from Austin Tx, I was able to meet Jordan Shipley and watch him play. He is so down to earth and hard working. It is hard to not respect the guy. My first pack of Absolute Mem. this year yielded the Shipley Star Gazing Jumbo Patch #1/25!!! Thrilled could not describe this pull. That Crown Royale Shipley would be the ultimate in my Shipley collection! Thanks for the great products yet again, Panini. Y’all put Topps to shame.

  17. I was lucky enough to pull a Jerry Rice HOF Materials Signature card out of Classics this year, and it is awesome. The signature is great, the jersey swatch is a bonus…but the fact it is on a card with CANTON in the background made it my favorite. I made a trip to canton when Montana, Long, Lott, etc… were initiated and I made sure to get signatures with the HOF logo. The fact I pulled the first Rice autograph with his official HOF debut was awesome.

  18. My favorite Panini football card is my Nate Allen RC. After meeting Chad Lewis a number of years ago, I was converted to an Eagles fan.

    A few months ago, my local card shop sponsored a card show. As an incentive for buying particular items, one vendor was giving away packs of Classics Football. In the first pack I pulled the Allen RC.

    Between that pack and the other, I pulled predominantly Eagles players out of all the base cards, too. Not one to buy football cards very often (more of a basketball guy), this experience was definitely rewarding in its small way.

  19. I don’t do as much football, but I do go on football pack binges once in a while. In the past year, my local card shop was trying to clear out some older product, so I ended up purchasing the few packs he had left of 2008 Absolute Memorabilia. I was able to pull a few nice patches and rookie cards, however, there was one more surprise waiting for me in the last pack. It was a Brian Urlacher Tools of the Trade prime patch numbered to 10. This is the best patch card I’ve ever pulled out of a football product and it was of my favorite current Bears player! Ironically, this particular card was numbered 4/10 and the patch is clearly a part of the number 4 from his uniform. Needless to say, this card is and will always be in my permanent collection. A great card of a Chicago legend.

  20. For me, that’s the Jerry Rice card produced for the HOF 2010. I’ve discovered football with Montana and Rice and that was simply “magic”. No autos, no relics, just as a tribute to the player…

  21. My favorite panini card is probably the rookie collection quad jersey of javhid best, Ryan Matthews, Toby gerhart, and cj spiller. thanks for the contest guys!

  22. My favorite card is a 2009 Rookies & Stars Team Chemistry Michael Crabtree, Glen Coffee and Nate Davis serial numbered to /10. The reason this is my favorite, is because I got back into the hobby last year after being absent since I was a kid (14 years old). I’m 30 now. It was probably the biggest and by far the coolest card I pulled last year. It made me really excited to be collecting again. It made me want to continue the hobby I started when I was younger, and got me hooked again. I remember pulling that card in the hobby shop where I bought it, and shared the experience with the owner who’s a good friend. Such a rare card, a beautiful card, and I’ve been hooked with collecting ever since then!

  23. 2009 Dan Marino National Treasures. I still dont have an on card autograph, but the timelines jersey/patches are a nice alternative

  24. My favorite would have to be my 2004 Playoff Contenders Jon Gruden Rookie Ticket Auto. I’m a big fan of NFL Head Coach Autographs and own nearly every Contenders coach auto including Billick, Dungy, Vermeil and numerous other coach autographs including Bill Belichik and Mike Ditka’s Pro Set Autos. A few other favorites include a Bobby Knight sweater relic and a Steve Spurrier visor relic. Since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by the chess match between head coaches. It’s crazy how a coach like Bill Walsh can come along and completely reinvent a sport (West Coast Offense). The reason the Gruden is my favorite is because it qualifies as a true Auto RC and simply put, he’s one of the coolest bad-asses of all-time!

  25. Wow, thats like asking me which of my wives is the prettiest (J/K) I have over 30 of the Certified 1/1 NFL Logo patches. Brian Urlacher, Jay Cutler, Jeremy Shockey etc. But my favorite one is a 2003 Certified Josh Reed 1/1 Logo. It was the 1st shield I ever pulled and its from a time in the hobby where holding a 1/1 was truly special. Plus that set was the 1st in the industry to do a 1/1 NFL Shield. Now look how many companies have copied it since?

  26. My favorite card lately is a blue crown Sam Bradford autographed card /25 from the new 2010 Crown Royale Footbal product. Not only is it a nice call, but there is so much attention to detail within every aspect of the design and it really does make it look like a prestigious card. Additionally, the way that the Blue accentuates with the team color of the Rams along with the design, also just adds to the way that this card, along with other cards with colored crowns, really stand out and make this set one to collect.

  27. I would have to say my Matt Stafford 2009 Rookies and Stars Cross Training Auto #ed/10 My favorite current player( Barry Sanders will always be the greatest Detroit Lion) on my favorite team. Too bad he might be done for the year 🙁

  28. my favorite is the Damian Williams stargazing jersey because it is 3 colored it’s pretty kool with all the different colors it’s also very kool and stylish. The giants rule

  29. My 2009 Rookies and Stars Kenny Britt Freshman orientation jersey card. I think the 09 Freshman Orientation set is one of the best looking set in recent years. I even wrote about it on my blog.

  30. A couple years ago I bought a 2008 Donruss Elite Prime Targets Calvin Johnson #007/199. I just love the way the card is designed and that Lion’s blue jersey looks sharp against the chrome refractor background. Awesome!

  31. i have some panini football cards but not any autoograph a cards like the eli manning i do have some auto like jim brown auto but it’s from playoff contenders a card like eli would go great

  32. Not having much luck in obtaining any of this year’s Florida Gator guys (Tebow, Cooper, Hernandez, Haden, Spikes etc) I finally got my firstone in 2010 base Panani card of Philly Rookie Riley Cooper and have decided to collect his stuff. That Riley auto would look nice along with the few cards I have manage to get of his.

  33. I got the best darn card I could have imagined via Panini HQ. I got my football wish and won the Tim Tebow 1of1 2010 NFL Shield Logo Autographed card thru a promo with Beckett and Panini a few months ago. That sick card is one that will live forever, no matter what Mr Tebow does from here on out. It will be cherished forever and sought after by many. I can not thank enough the great people at Panini for making this collector so happy by selecting me to win the prize.

  34. My favorite Panini Football card is my Matt Stafford Gu card from Panini Prestige 2009 and it has the beggining stiching of a patch on it since i just started collecting football

  35. My 2010 Epix Sam Bradford On Card Field Autograph #008/270. I love the card design, and being a huge Sam Bradford fan I would say it was a sick pull out of the first and only Epix pack I bought ths year. I also love how it is jersey numbered #008/270.

  36. i just pulled a absolute memorabillia tools of the trade tony dorsett 134/250 and its sumthing that will be with me for ever i am a big dallas fan but i didnt have any autos or jersey cards of dorsett so i am real happy with this card .

  37. Hands down, my Jim Thorpe 1/1 cut auto from 2008 Donruss Classics. (Recently featured in Beckett).

    It encapsulates the whole thrill of opening a pack. You just don’t know what could be in there. Any pack could be a game-changer.

  38. My favorite card is my 1/1 barry sanders auto patch card I won at the national convention in Baltimore this year playing box wars. I wanted this card very badly and played every box wars all week in hopes of winning it. On the final day I showed up for the first box wars and no one else was there to play. They told me I automatically won because no one else was up early Sunday to play and said I had my pick of the cards left, I didn’t need to tell them what I wanted they knew allready because I had said it all week. I have this card still and the box wars at the Panini booth will be where I am once again all week at the next national with hopes of winning another amazing card!

  39. I have a 2010 Absolute Memorabilia Dez Bryant RPM card #/50. Every time Bryant has the ball it’s like watching someone light a stick of dynamite. This card is just as explosive with multi color patches and stitching visible. It should be my favorite, but its not. My all-time favorite is a lowly base card, a 2010 Prestige LaDainian Tomlinson. The card looks great, but it’s more about the story the card is telling. With a fantastic photo, still in his Chargers uniform, Tomlinson was at the point where his team and many people felt he was done, even though he was “a slam-dunk selection” for the All-Decade Team. But the NY Jets, a team that is experiencing their own rebirth, signed him on 3/14/10. As a Jet he’s shown more exuberance than any rookie and why he’s still one of the greatest running backs to play the game.

  40. 2005 Donruss Gridiron Gear Shaun Alexander Patch /37, this is hands down my favourite card for a number of reasons. I am from Canada and lived in Vancouver for a large chunk of my life where the nearest NFL football was in Seattle. Watching a guy like Alexander in his prime was a treat. Shaun Alexander also being a Christian plays a huge factor, living out your faith day in and day out playing a sport like football to me is incredible and something I truly admire, so the fact that this card is not worth very much means nothing to me. This piece of football memorabilia is a reminder of what Shaun Alexander portrayed as he played football. Thanks Panini/Donruss

  41. John Randle Classics HOF card, first card I can recall seeing after Randle made the HOF, no jersey/auto is necessary on this one.

  42. I am too young to have ever seen Ernie Davis in person, but after the express I have always wanted a gu/auto of his and I was shocked to see the certified GU, I love the black and white photo with the faded jersey piece one of my all time favorite cards, I heard rumors that there maybe cut autos of him I sure they will be worth a pretty penny

  43. My favorite Panini card is not in my possession yet. It is a redemption for a Crown Royale Sergio Kindle auto. It is my first redemption to get ever. I collected cards as a child and last collected back in 1991. Just got back into the game 2 months ago and my how things changed!!! I love all University of Texas players and Sergio is a personal favorite of mine. Thanks for the great cards!

  44. My son Ethan’s favorite card is his 2009 Peton Manning rookies and stars card. He is new to collecting and he loves the Colts.

  45. I just got back into collecting after a break of like 12 years. My first box, i got a Jermaine Gresham freshman fabric redemption. That, for me was a sign to Collect Gresham. Since then I’ve obtained over 50 of his cards in a few months. Panini is the reason i decided to collect Gresham, and for that i thank you, my collection is growing and looking more and more awesome all the time!

      1. Thanks!! i now have over 40 cards, my favorite is the Lettermans fromThreads. only missing the G now, determined to add that one so i can get it framed up and put on my wall. It’s definitly exciting

      2. oh, when i say 40, its 40 from panini, been getting lots of doubles, Gresham will be the number 1 tight end next year

  46. Well, my favorite Panini Card has to be Quad Jersey Rookie Orientation of Bryant, Thomas, McCluster, and Benn. Just recently my two young boys have become interested in collecting cards. I used to be a big collector back in the 80s and 90s when all the cards were worthless. It has been almost 20 yrs since I have bought a pack of cards and just recently bought a pack yesterday and recieved this card in it. These cards look great and won’t be the last pack that I buy, Thank you Panini.

  47. My favorite card has to be my 2010 tools of the trade ELI MANNING NFL patch auto # 1/1.I was lucky to pull it,I bought one pack of absolute memorabilia and got it.It a great card. THANKS PANINI for making awsome cards

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