New Autos from Hockey, Hardball Highlight Panini America's Latest Mail Days

We get the sense that Panini America baseball and hockey collectors are growing restless.

We get the sense that Panini America baseball and hockey collectors are growing restless.
After all, while basketball and football collectors are currently enjoying the new-release spoils of such products as 2011 Preferred Basketball and 2011 Totally Certified Football, those waiting patiently for, say, 2011-12 Contenders Hockey, 2011-12 Elite Hockey or 2011 Prime Cuts Baseball are left counting down the days.

But judging by Panini America’s bountiful run of autograph mail days in the last few weeks, those upcoming releases are coming together beautifully. The following gallery of recent autograph arrivals provides another telling look into products that will truly be worth the wait.


19 Replies to “New Autos from Hockey, Hardball Highlight Panini America's Latest Mail Days”

  1. That Minoso auto looks like it is signed on a straight line. Awesome signature and even moreso knowing Minoso is almost 90 years old. He always was a freak of nature. I wouldn’t mind owning that autograph.

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  3. Elite Hockey looks awesome! The Prime Numbers and Social Signatures insert is a great addition and the Passing the Torch has the feel of the original (99/00). And best of all, they look to be all ON-CARD Autos!
    I hope you take all of these ideas and use them in the 2012-13 NFL and NBA brands as well and keep as much if not all of them on-card. Recent NFL Sticker Passing the Torch doesn’t hit home, compared to the old days when it was 1500 or so cards with the first 50-100 #’d being autographed.
    Never the less, thanks for the images!

  4. Love the black contenders patch autos, Is Elite’s release still on schedule? Are the cards you got in today going to be live or as RED?

  5. yes the hockey looks great!
    the only baseball that looks good i feel is the Cal Ripken jr.
    which you may send to me please!!!
    the baseball has a “cheap” feel without the logos
    i wish more cards companies had the MLB license…

  6. The prime numbers set is really amazing! All of the Elite autograph sets are beautiful! The Contenders patches are soooo nice too. You guys need to sign Wayne Gretzky to a deal 🙂

  7. Great Miller auto’s but what is with the old style jersey on these cards. I noticed the Vanek jerseys from your products have the same style black, red & grey jersey cards. I think the last time the sabres wore those colors were 05/06. time for an update?

  8. Well i disagree with a couple of you guys on here that dont like the baseball pics. I think they look great especialy the Prime Cuts autos! I know Panini would LOVE to have the MLB License to go with thier MLB Players License and maybe they will someday, but i think considering they cant use any MLB logos,they did a GREAT job with the design. Panini might not have a MLB license (yet) but they do have a Baseball Hall Of Fame License and that means their baseball cards will have a deep checklist with some of the games GREATEST players and memborilia that other companys dont have enough of. Im talking Babe Ruth,Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, and many more. I cant wait to bust some boxes of Prime Cuts and i cant wait to see some pictures of the upcoming Cooperstown release!! Keep up the great work Panini!!

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