On Location: Panini America Starts Packout for 2012 National Treasures Football

March 29, 2013

Panini America 2012 National Treasures Timelines (34)

Earlier this week, during another riveting and revealing trip to the Panini America production facility, I saw sides of the upcoming 2012 National Treasures Football that I hadn’t been exposed to before — and I’m a better man for it. Indeed, most of what we see and preview from the cozy confines of Panini America HQ revolves around the on-card autograph content that arrives here before being delivered to the production facility for packout.

But there’s so much more to most of our products than just on-card autographs — and most of that magic is created in the relative privacy of the production facility, only coming to light during packout, Quality Control or when a product finally goes live to the public. But a special product like National Treasures deserves special treatment. And in the coming days, that’s exactly what it’s going to get here on The Knight’s Lance.

In the coming days leading up to National Treasures’ April 10 release date, we’ll share the product’s many fascinating facets with you through a series of must-see preview galleries, beginning with today’s examination of the Timeline Materials, Timeline Materials Prime and Timeline Materials Autograph inserts, annually among my favorite aspects of National Treasures.

This year’s Timeline checklists are once again steeped in Hall of Fame legends and veteran superstars — and the 35 images in the gallery below represent just a portion of the stacked checklists for these inserts. So enjoy today’s sneak peek and stay tuned for more previously unseen previews of 2012 National Treasures Football in the coming days.